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Find your 2021 Word of the Year

Find your 2021 Word of the Year

Are you closing the chapter named “2020” with a happy sigh of relief too? The God of All Grace knew what this past year held. And He’s deeply invested in where we’re headed next. So as we turn the page to a new year, let’s take a moment to ask…

Who is God inviting me to be in 2021?

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3 ways to deal with challenging relationships

3 ways to deal with challenging relationships

Who’s that person in your life that’s tough to deal with? You know, the one you don’t get along with very well? That one person who rubs you the wrong way?

We all have a few of these people cross our paths now and then. So, what do we do with them? If God called us to “love one another,” how do we live that out in real life with the people that are the hardest to love?

Here’s a quick story and 3 tips that may help as you deal with those challenging relationships.

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why we are so afraid of change

why we are so afraid of change

I met this girl once. She was severely depressed and had been for about 7 years. She’d lived in this story for so long that she couldn’t drum up energy or “want to” to do anything anymore – laundry, dishes, straightening the house, cleaning out clutter, even getting out of bed some days.

A variety of meds hadn’t helped. Changing her routine hadn’t helped. Counselors hadn’t helped. Getting a job hadn’t helped. She was flat-out STUCK!

When God crossed her path with mine, He whispered to me that grace COULD help! She and I chatted several times about how grace changes everything, and while she loved the hope I talked about, she was very skeptical. I understood why! She had tried so. many. things. And none had helped.

God prompted me to offer to help her dig out of the blech, and I was excited about giving her further hope and showing her how grace could change everything in her life. But, she said no.

I’ve often pondered why she refused. Maybe it was because she wasn’t truly desperate enough. Maybe it was because she was afraid of trying one more thing that might not work. Maybe it was because some other story kept her from accepting help. Or maybe, deep down, she was afraid of change.

Change Seems Scary

For most of us, change is scary. New homes, new jobs, new churches, new relationships – they’re all tinged with a certain amount of fear and uncertainty. We get used to our lives, and we’re comfortable here. That may sound crazy if you have a life  you don’t love or things that annoy and frustrate you. But the truth is, we crave familiar and cling to what we know and what we’re used to.

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So while most change seems scary, if we’re honest, the change that scares us most is change WITHIN us.

Why IS that?

I’ve come to believe inside change scares us the most because we fear that if we had to change, then something must’ve been wrong with us before. We were somehow messed up or broken or needed fixing, so we HAD to change. And that just doesn’t feel good. Who wants to believe they’re screwed up, much less have to carry around the guilt or the labels?

 Changing the Change Story

But what if all that guilt and being broken and “change is scary” is just another false story?

What if the truth is that we are NOT broken, wrong, or needing to be fixed?
(God tells us, as believers, that we’re not.)

What if change is simply a way to move toward MORE of something good?

What if the changes we make aren’t telling us something about our identity
so much as they’re helping us get what we want?

And what if we could reframe the old story into something
that serves us instead of scares us?

I think with a little story revision in our heads, we can turn change into a lovely thing in our lives. Something we WANT to have around. Something we begin to enjoy. Something we see as growth and healing and happiness. Something that lets us pursue more of what we want. Something that brings us MORE life!

That’s a story we’d be happier to live most any day, I bet.

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what if god is okay with you today

what if god is okay with you today

What if God’s okay with who you are today?

No, really. I mean what if He’s absolutely, 100% okay with you right this second, believer?

What if He’s not sitting up there tsk, tsk-ing and shaking His head, muttering “Sure wish she’d get this lesson so we could move on”?

What if instead He’s gazing down on you in love, saying to His nearest archangel, “Hey, did you see that kiddo of mine down there? Boy, do I love her! She’s fabulous. And look at her with my Son in her – she can do ANYTHING. I can’t help smiling this wide when I think about her.” Continue reading →

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the one thing that makes Christianity unique

the one thing that makes Christianity unique

If you’ve spent much time in Christianity at all, you’ve heard about grace. But, did you know just how incredible this concept is and what an irreplaceable part of the Christian faith?

Grace = unique to Christian faith

Once there was a large conference where religious experts from all over the world gathered to debate what belief is unique to Christianity. They were hoping to find what single truth sets the Christian faith apart from others. Or if that single piece even exists.

As the experts debated, they threw out some possibilities. Incarnation? No, other religions have gods appearing as humans. Perhaps resurrection? Again this was overruled since several religions claim someone coming back from the dead.

The intriguing discussion continued until C.S. Lewis entered the room inquiring, “What’s the rumpus about?” The experts shared that they were comparing Christianity’s unique contribution to other religions of the world.

“Oh, that’s easy. It’s grace,” Lewis replied.

The debaters discussed for a while and had to agree.

” The notion of God’s love coming to us free of charge, no strings attached, seems to go against every instinct of humanity. The Buddhist eight-fold path, the Hindu doctrine of karma, the Jewish covenant, and the Muslim code of law – each of these offers a way to earn approval. Only Christianity dares to make God’s love unconditional.”*

Love that makes you want to shout

C. S. Lewis’s insight and quick reply intrigued me. To think that the entire Christian faith is built on a foundation no other belief system in the world has. The truth is that God loves us and showers us with grace despite what we’ve done. No matter who we’ve been and regardless of what we deserve, God lavishes His love and grace on us.

god loves you - gracethread

Not only before salvation, my grace friends, but as believers too. God gives His love and grace to us freely and abundantly.  Doesn’t that make you wanna cheer? Hmm, maybe I will.


Today let’s you and me bask in God’s unchanging grace and un-earnable love and  see if it doesn’t fill our hearts to overflowing.


*P.S. I first encountered this story in Philip Yancey’s book, What’s So Amazing About Grace?.

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