How free are you right now?

Are you free to be joyful? Free to be quirky and like what you like? Free to enjoy close relationship with God? Free to take a break from serving? Free to skip church, if you need to? Free to believe something new? Free to make a mistake? Free to pursue the dream God laid on your heart? Free to see Jesus differently than you once did? Free to be loved?

a freedom story

The story is told of a merchant who lived long ago in a far away place. This man sank a post into the ground, tied a bunch of quail to it, and spent hours training the birds to march in a circle around that post. One day another man saw the poor birds and immediately paid an exorbitant price for their freedom.

The merchant cut the poor birds loose . . . but they kept right on marching. The man who’d paid dearly for them yelled and waved his arms. But after fluttering and flying only a short distance, the birds settled to the ground and began their dutiful march once more.

Sadly many Christians live as dutifully as those poor quail.

Until we take hold of the freedom that is ours in Christ and give ourselves permission to do the unexpected, enjoyable things grace calls us to, we’ll be just like those poor birds . . . stuck in a cycle of fear, obligation, and monotony in our Christian lives.

a daring belief

But when we bravely take Jesus at His word (John 8:31-32, 36) . . .

When trust that God has set us free in Christ (Galatians 5:1) . . .

When we dare to believe we're actually free and boldly live our freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17) . . .

We find ourselves in an anything-but-boring life!

We're surprised by unexpected new things, delighted by grace, and set free from a soul-sucking cycle of religious guilt and obligation.

testimonies of freedom

Here are some true testimonies people have shared with me as they dared to take Jesus at His Word and found they can freely:

  • "Explore a whole new way of thinking and being as a Christian"
  • "Laugh out loud while I pray (because God has a sense of humor)"
  • "Follow the Holy Spirit’s leading to give a stranger $20 at Panera (which turned out to be a direct answer to that person’s prayer)"
  • "Write a book even though I’m not 'a writer'"
  • "See God as my Heavenly Father for the first time (instead of a holy, vindictive judge)"
  • "Refuse to listen to legalistic preaching anymore"
  • "Stop worrying if I’m doing enough for God and simply trust what He says is true about me"
  • "Pursue the passion work God’s laid on my heart (even if it feels new and unknown!)"
  • "Enjoy Jesus instead of looking over my shoulder waiting for the other shoe to drop"
  • "Share the story of what God’s doing in my heart, no matter how it’s received"
  • "Take more rest time, holidays, and coffee breaks"
  • "Let go of the anxiety and weariness of religious performance"
  • "Find a new church where grace is lived & taught"
  • "Settle once and for all that God’s not unhappy, upset, or disappointed with me"
  • "Attend a new Bible study and connect with other grace lovers who turn into lifelong friends"
  • "Recognize God's voice more clearly"
  • "Run to Jesus with anything that’s on my heart"
  • "Think about life, religion, God, and myself in a completely different, lifegiving way"
  • "Know what God wants from me and for me"
  • "Read the Bible through a new lens (Christ!) so it comes alive again"
  • "Rethink my old, rule-based theology"
  • "Smile more (because my heart’s no longer anxious & depressed all the time)"
  • "Believe God when He shows me how much He loves me"

consider this...

What is your personal testimony of freedom?

What unexpected, enjoyable thing might God want you to experience as you dare to believe Him?

Today may you enjoy the glorious freedom that is yours in Christ! And may your freedom show up in unpredictable grace moments that turn life into a walking testimony of God's goodness and love.

Prayer for today

Dear Poppa, thank you for your glorious grace that has set me free in Christ! Thank you that I’m no longer a slave to my past, my sin, and who I used to be. I am new and free in You! I long to enjoy my freedom today. Help me to take You at Your word and live freely – not stifled or silent or bound or weary or stuck in a religious rut. Let my heart believe You better and experience Your great grace. Amen.

Journal/Reflection prompts

  1. What piece of freedom does my heart need most right now?
  2. How is God showing me true freedom in Christ already?
  3. Where can I let go of old places where I feel stifled or bound to enjoy His glorious grace and freedom instead?


So awesome to come across this story. I have been asking God even today what does it mean that he keep showing me the two words freedom and trust together. So thank you this have put a smile on my face. If you have more articles on freedom and trust

Janna Wright

God sure knows how to time things perfectly! I’m so glad He is showing you how to embrace the freedom we have in Christ. Another recent article on freedom is Please Stop Working So Hard for Jesus, and I’ve also posted a video called Free of Shoulds on the Grace Thread YouTube channel. Blessings!