God's grace shows up in our lives in so many beautiful ways. The glorious riches He has given us in Christ take a lifetime to uncover and explore!

Here are a few facets of this treasure to encourage you in today's faith adventure. They also happen to be the pieces that influenced our name "Grace Thread." (And yup, you guessed right -- they have nothing to do with actual sewing!)

  1. When you look back on your life story with open eyes, you can see God’s grace weaves through it. Through the best of times and the worst of times, His grace is woven into all of our moments.
  2. God’s grace connects us. When you know the riches that are yours in Christ, and I know the treasures we have in Him, we are drawn together. Grace connects us in sacred, sweet community.
  3. God’s grace is essential to the very fabric of life. Without it? Life would be drab, uncomfortable, and hardly worth messing with. But through God’s grace toward us in Christ, we can enjoy a faith adventure that’s filled with strength and beauty – a brilliant testament to the One full of grace upon grace.