Dear friend who longs to flourish in her daily walk with Jesus…

Step into grace

Are you quietly tired of Christianity that tastes like cardboard? 

 You've done the Bible studies, attended the worship nights and conferences, bought the latest devotionals -- but deep down you still...

  • Worry God seems far away or doesn't hear you
  • Fear He's disappointed with you
  • Wonder what else you should be doing for Jesus
  • Carry hidden burdens of guilt & shame in your soul
  • See yourself as broken, unworthy, and not enough
  • Feel anxious and overwhelmed by your circumstances

You long for deep, abiding connection with God, to truly flourish in your everyday Christian walk. Your Heavenly Father longs for you to experience His heart for you and to...

Jesus invites you to...

your relationship

...and experience closeness and connection with Him as you learn to trust His heart for you.

Find your heart
set free

...and live healed and whole, enjoying the Savior's unforced rhythms of grace.

Soar in
His strength

...and be confident Christ is for you and in you, no matter the circumstances around you.

"The release and freedom Grace Thread provides is like a deep exhale when you didn't even realize you were holding your breath."

Graphic Designer, Wife, & Mom

What does your soul need today?

Explore the riches of grace and be inspired through fresh, grace-based resources, including books, journals, and more.*GREAT FOR: The woman who wants something in her hand now that she can use at her own pace.

Real women share their experiences

Meet your grace guide

Janna Wright knows the pressure of working hard for Jesus from firsthand experience...along with all the weariness and insecurity and guilt that come with it. But once God transformed her story with  “the grace that saves you is the grace that gives you life,” she can't stop singing from the rooftops so other tired Jesus lovers can experience freedom and joy in their everyday Christianity too!

Janna tells stories, creates lovely things, and hosts women's retreats because she has personally experienced how God stands ready to awaken hearts to His endless love & grace, help women arise to stand securely in their identity & purpose, and see Christ's active presence & power amaze them in everyday life.



Too often Christian women lead lives of quiet desperation.

They work hard, serve hard, and love hard for Jesus. But deep down they've been hurt, disappointed, worn out by religion and that never-ending list of things-you-must-do-to-be-godly-and-growing.

Have you found yourself here, silently wondering, "Does God even see me? Am I living the Christian life He wants for me?"  You hope you please Him, but you worry about your failures and mess ups. You long to trust Him, but you're a little afraid of what He thinks of you. And you're just so tired of the guilt and shame chipping away at your soul.

What if God never meant for Christianity to taste like cardboard?

What if you are beloved and accepted right this minute by your Heavenly Father? What if you are destined for close, personal friendship with Jesus? What if God sees you as more than a “broken sinner, saved by grace?” What if His power and grace aren't reserved for "the godly few” who preach or do ministry full time? What if you could enjoy more peace and joy and freedom in your daily Christian walk than you've ever known before?

Jesus invites you -- not to try harder or focus on spiritual disciplines or increase your prayer life -- but to respond to His gentle invitation: “Come, learn from Me . . . and you will find rest for your soul.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

He can't wait to show you His heart and all He has already accomplished on your behalf so you can...

♥ dance through life
(instead of marching like a good Christian soldier),

♥ enjoy deep, abiding relationship with Him
(instead of wearing masks or hiding),

♥ face everyday life amazed by His grace upon grace
(instead of overwhelmed or anxious).

You are invited to flourish
in your daily walk with Jesus!

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