Enjoy an arm-out-the-window life with Jesus

Find your freedom

Does ordinary life leave you feeling . . .

  • overwhelmed or stressed out?
  • too busy with responsibilities to have much fun?
  • hoping to make a greater impact for Jesus someday?
  • sick of fighting guilt & shame?
  • disconnected from God or unsure if He's happy with you?
  • wishing for daily peace & joy?

You are not alone!

Take a little break for some heart encouragement

Enjoy a fun getaway that will refresh your heart, your faith, and your creativity. The next Women's Funshop is right around the corner!

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When life drags you down, God's grace can help you...

Your Joy

Nestle into God's boundless love & watch joy bubble over into ordinary life.

Your Freedom

Live authentically, pursuing what delights you and pleases God at the same time!

Rest in Your
True Identity

Walk confidently in your identity in Christ today -- in every moment, in every role.

"The release and freedom Grace Thread provides is like a deep exhale when you maybe didn't even realize you were holding your breath."

Graphic Designer, Wife & Mom

Grace Thread will help you love your faith journey again...

You're a woman who loves Jesus and longs to impact others for Him. The problem is your commitments and roles demand every ounce of your time and energy. Before long, you're stuck in the "not enough" cycle again, feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, guilty . . . and maybe even a little hopeless. Grace Thread helps you break free of the "not enoughs" and come fully alive -- in every moment, in every role! Continue Reading

Ready for an arm-out-the-window life? Here's how...

1. Choose your own adventure

No two women are alike, so we have several ways for you to jump in.

2. Discover your true story

It all begins with understanding who you really are!

3. Live your best life now

Experience grace, joy, and confidence in every moment -- in every role.


How will you begin the adventure?


Dip your toes into the ocean of grace with a real-life look at how much God loves--and likes you--on your mountaintop days, "meh" days, and all the days in between.


Just what the soul craves . . . some quiet time away from normal distractions to hear from God personally, silence the guilt, and experience resting in grace for everyday life.

Enjoy a little grace oasis for your soul...

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