Grace Getaways – when your soul could use a little time to recharge

Would you love . . .

  • an energizing spiritual reset?
  • a break from countless responsibilities?
  • a pause to recalibrate life?
  • renewed connection with God?

Seems like our busy schedules are the norm. We're surrounded by duties and "shoulds" and wonder where the joy has gone. Before we know it, our tanks drain to empty, and we're running on fumes.

If you're overwhelmed and stressed out . . .
If you're feeling dry spiritually . . .
If your soul is begging for rest . . .

it's time for a Grace Getaway.

"When I began to look at myself as God looks at me, the chains of belief that I was failing, that I was worthless, that I was not enough began to loosen. And I began to relax. If God didn't beat me up for what I did, why should I?"

Blogger, Wife & Mom

Find the Getaway that fits you best...

Personal Day Away

A personal Day Away is a chance to rest & refocus as you tune into God's present, active work in your life.

With this private, half-day retreat, you'll use Janna Wright's Day Away Guide to lead you through a simple process of planning the day, breaking free of distraction, and focusing on your relationship with God. This unique, customizable getaway helps you quiet your heart so you can listen to God's voice and rest in His presence.

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Usually they're called "workshops," but you already work hard enough, so let's kick off those shoes, relax, and play a little!

FUNshops are rejuvenating 1-day events to reenergize daily life. Through Bible truth, a grace atmosphere, hands-on participation (and some moments of silly fun), you'll learn new ways to incorporate your faith into everyday life and enjoy life more. Plus, you'll meet other great, Jesus-loving women too!

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Weekend Retreat

Eager to escape everyday life and refresh your soul? Grace Thread Retreats help you recapture joy and freedom deep down in your heart.

Hosted in the CO Rockies, these intimate retreats run from Thursday-Sunday, with 10 women (or less ) per event. Retreats include fellowship, quiet time, Bible truth, group discussion, rest, and other experiential activities to help you recapture the joy and freedom that is yours in Christ.

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*To inquire about Janna hosting a retreat with your group or leading a local book/journal study, visit the Speaking page here.

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