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Through vulnerable storytelling and a dash of humor, Grace Changes Everything: How to Be Enough in a Do-More World explores the grace-empowered truth of how God actually sees you.

Discover how much God loves and likes you, so you grow in confidence and step into your best adventure yet–the life of passion and purpose that unfolds when you no longer fear you’re “not enough!”

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If you’re tempted to believe you’re “not enough,”
God has another story to tell you.

As Christian women, we’ve all heard the voices: Just do more. Meet everyone’s needs. You can achieve Pinterest perfection. We say we believe in grace, but when the dishes pile up, the inbox dings incessantly, and the family clamors to be fed (again!), it’s easier to believe the nagging voice that reminds us, You’re just not enough.

But what if God’s true story of you is more beautiful than you thought? What if—even on your worst day—who you are trumps what you do? What if God says you are already dazzlingly more than enough?

In Grace Changes Everything, Janna Wright invites you to discover the grace-empowered truth of how God actually sees you. You will:

  • discover how very much God loves you—and likes you,
  • silence the voices of guilt and shame,
  • nurture a chat-like-best-friends connection with Jesus,
  • glow from the inside out with true confidence, &
  • step into your very own adventure: a life of passion and purpose.

About the Product

  • Paperback, 146 pages
  • ISBN 978-1536983159

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And don’t miss out on the {FREE} downloadable True I.D. Cards that go hand-in-hand with the book! These beautiful watercolor cards can help you begin to experience the true story of who you are to God. Click the image to subscribe and download now!

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