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what if god is okay with you today

what if god is okay with you today

What if God’s okay with who you are today?

No, really. I mean what if He’s absolutely, 100% okay with you right this second, believer?

What if He’s not sitting up there tsk, tsk-ing and shaking His head, muttering “Sure wish she’d get this lesson so we could move on”?

What if instead He’s gazing down on you in love, saying to His nearest archangel, “Hey, did you see that kiddo of mine down there? Boy, do I love her! She’s fabulous. And look at her with my Son in her – she can do ANYTHING. I can’t help smiling this wide when I think about her.” Continue reading →

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the one thing that makes Christianity unique

the one thing that makes Christianity unique

If you’ve spent much time in Christianity at all, you’ve heard about grace. But, did you know just how incredible this concept is and what an irreplaceable part of the Christian faith?

Grace = unique to Christian faith

Once there was a large conference where religious experts from all over the world gathered to debate what belief is unique to Christianity. They were hoping to find what single truth sets the Christian faith apart from others. Or if that single piece even exists.

As the experts debated, they threw out some possibilities. Incarnation? No, other religions have gods appearing as humans. Perhaps resurrection? Again this was overruled since several religions claim someone coming back from the dead.

The intriguing discussion continued until C.S. Lewis entered the room inquiring, “What’s the rumpus about?” The experts shared that they were comparing Christianity’s unique contribution to other religions of the world.

“Oh, that’s easy. It’s grace,” Lewis replied.

The debaters discussed for a while and had to agree.

” The notion of God’s love coming to us free of charge, no strings attached, seems to go against every instinct of humanity. The Buddhist eight-fold path, the Hindu doctrine of karma, the Jewish covenant, and the Muslim code of law – each of these offers a way to earn approval. Only Christianity dares to make God’s love unconditional.”*

Love that makes you want to shout

C. S. Lewis’s insight and quick reply intrigued me. To think that the entire Christian faith is built on a foundation no other belief system in the world has. The truth is that God loves us and showers us with grace despite what we’ve done. No matter who we’ve been and regardless of what we deserve, God lavishes His love and grace on us.

god loves you - gracethread

Not only before salvation, my grace friends, but as believers too. God gives His love and grace to us freely and abundantly.  Doesn’t that make you wanna cheer? Hmm, maybe I will.


Today let’s you and me bask in God’s unchanging grace and un-earnable love and  see if it doesn’t fill our hearts to overflowing.


*P.S. I first encountered this story in Philip Yancey’s book, What’s So Amazing About Grace?.

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what is that smell?

what is that smell?

When my youngest brother was small he used to bury his nose in my hair or my arm, sniff deeply, and say, “You smell good.” Only he was so small it came out “You ‘mell good.”

I think of him even now when I smell something delicious or disgusting and wonder if he’s still sensitive to smell. And I wonder if my nose has evolved into as good a “smell detector” as his always was. Continue reading →

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when it’s okay to be full of warm apathy

when it’s okay to be full of warm apathy

An old friend and I recently reconnected around grace and during our musings, she reminded me of an important grace symptom: refusing to care what people think of us. 

After our chat I couldn’t stop thinking about this post, written a long time ago during my new-to-grace days.   Thank you, my grace friend, for the reminder of this important truth and the chance to walk down memory lane for a few minutes.


My Dear Reader,
I don’t care what you think. But actually, I do. That’s why I agonize over my blog posts until I’m almost sick of looking at them. It’s why I’m insecure every morning and night thinking that I’ll never write anything worthy of you reading. Or if you do manage to be duped into reading it, you’ll put it aside in disgust with a shake of the head and a tsk, tsk, because it really was mindless drivel anyway.

I don’t care what you think. But, I do. Continue reading →

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when life changes keys on you

when life changes keys on you

Sometimes you just don’t understand what God is doing. You think you’re going one direction, walking with Him, talking with Him, and all of a sudden He veers you off into a completely different place.

Me, I sit there for a while kinda dazed, thinking, “But, I thought we were doing that over there, Poppa. What’s up with this here?”

I imagine He chuckles a little Continue reading →

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