This social experiment will probably tickle your funny bone. Sadly it’s also how many believers treat their Christianity…

So many of the things “good Christians” do and say stem from religious norms and societal expectations. How often do we pause and consider the “why” behind all of those traditions and expectations?

Whether you have a legalistic background or not, you’ve undoubtedly run into the group mindset before. And maybe you’ve seen aspects of this creep into your own life too.

Jesus was never a norm follower. He was a disruptor of the very best kind.

What if…

  • instead of conforming to rules and regulations, we shone brightly as disruptors like Him?
  • we made free in grace the new normal?
  • we lived so happy and at ease in Christ, others want what we have?

The girl in the video confessed, “When I saw everybody stand up I felt like I needed to join them, otherwise I’m, like, excluded. Once I decided to go with it, then I felt much more comfortable.”

Why not show an overworked, tuckered-out Christian world that life is an exciting, unique adventure in grace?

truth is grace changes everything

Now that’s a trend worth following.

P.S. If you want to dig deeper into how grace reframes everyday Christian life, check out Grace Changes Everything: How to Be Enough in a Do-More World.

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I loved this video. It was almost unbelievable that it was happening that way. Sorry to say I think I would have been the non-conformist in that room–’cause I am always asking “Now, why are we doing this?” I was brought up to ask those types of questions. 🙂