what if god is okay with you today

What if God’s okay with who you are today?

No, really. I mean what if He’s absolutely, 100% okay with you right this second, believer?

What if He’s not sitting up there tsk, tsk-ing and shaking His head, muttering “Sure wish she’d get this lesson so we could move on”?

What if instead He’s gazing down on you in love, saying to His nearest archangel, “Hey, did you see that kiddo of mine down there? Boy, do I love her! She’s fabulous. And look at her with my Son in her – she can do ANYTHING. I can’t help smiling this wide when I think about her.”

Often we think God is just waiting for us to make another mistake. We worry He’s probably impatient as we struggle through life. Or disappointed when we mess up again. Or consternated that we’re frittering our precious time away today doing “that thing.”

But, that’s just not the God of all grace.


How God actually sees you

Oh, believing friend, He is happy with you today. He sees you as righteous and holy and uncondemned and adopted and treasured and guiltless. He sees His Son in you.

And He created you on top of all that wonderful salvation!

He made you exactly like you are with your idiosyncrasies and your weird habits and your funny little thoughts. He’s not surprised at a single one because He knew exactly who you’d be before you were ever born. And He made you that way on purpose.

Plus, He delights in you. He loves you with a love that is deeper than any ocean and vaster than those CO starry nights. He loves you to a length and breadth and depth and height you won’t ever be able to fully comprehend but can revel in.

So, what about it? What if God is 100% okay with you today? How would that change your day?

Would it let you rest? Would it ease up the guilt inside? Would it calm your frantic doing? Would it fill you with a sense of ease and wonder? Of awe and peacefulness?

The God of all grace does see you like this today. Right now. Whether it’s your best day or worst day or somewhere in between.

You’re free to enjoy the reality of His unconditional love.