what if god is okay with you today

what if god is okay with you today

What if God’s okay with who you are today?

No, really. I mean what if He’s absolutely, 100% okay with you right this second, believer?

What if He’s not sitting up there tsk, tsk-ing and shaking His head, muttering “Sure wish she’d get this lesson so we could move on”?

What if instead He’s gazing down on you in love, saying to His nearest archangel, “Hey, did you see that kiddo of mine down there? Boy, do I love her! She’s fabulous. And look at her with my Son in her – she can do ANYTHING. I can’t help smiling this wide when I think about her.” Continue reading →

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when the thwap of life gets too loud to ignore

when the thwap of life gets too loud to ignore

I just jumped from my swivel desk chair with a start and raced downstairs to the laundry room to quiet the metallic THWAP THWAP THWAP emanating from my washing machine.

I have one of those still-runs-like-a-champ top loaders. But if I neglect to distribute the towels evenly, the washer barrel takes offense and protests with horrific noises and vigorous scooting, inching the entire washer across the floor with each revolution during the spin cycle.

(Hint: If you leave this problem unattended, the washer wedges the laundry room door shut so you must go out the front door, figure out how to open the garage without car keys which are pinned inside the laundry room, and hope that the other laundry door isn’t blocked too. I speak from experience.)

Imbalance of life

Some days life feels a little like an imbalanced washer – noisy, scooting us in the wrong direction, holding doors of opportunity shut.

Those are the days we feel over committed or so focused on the small things that life gets a bit wonky.

A prayer for today

On days like these we need to grab onto grace and let God reorganize the to-do list– moving this over, taking that out –  so life resumes the balance He intended. Good thing He promises all the grace we need for anything we face today!

Dear Poppa,
May today be blissfully free of the noise and distraction of imbalance because we’re relying on Your grace. Help the duties keep their proper places, leaving doors of opportunity wide open, so we have no trouble seeing Your hand at work. And may we be free of agitation, peacefully at rest with the One who never slumbers or sleeps. Amen.

Photo credits:  washer girl

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