She looked at me so strangely I wondered what she could possibly be thinking. So I waited as she stared at me with full eyes, as if her whole soul were gathered right there looking out the “windows.”

Then she said,

“You know, one thing I can’t get over this whole weekend is that you are so full of the joy of the Lord.
It flows from you and is so evident. You don’t see that very often, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Whatever I thought was coming, I never expected that!

True, I had sensed God’s undeniable presence – through the retreat talks, meeting women one-on-one, praying with the leadership team, singing, and creating and connecting around Jesus. And joy is what emerged since my heart was fully engaged. And Jesus was in me while I walked in freedom, doing my favorite thing in the world.

Necessary Reminders

I could not have known in that moment how much I would need a joy reminder all spring. Over the course of five weekends I would participate in four major events -- a schedule that reminded me of my Performance Driven Life days. And when summer mercifully arrived I’d barely have time to think, Let’s not do things that way again, before my body forced several weeks of rest and recovery on me.

But that joy? It was real. And it didn’t originate from me.

Heart Overflow

Has anyone ever commented on your heart overflow? Maybe they notice peace that flows out of you in chaotic situations. Or uncommon stamina that keeps you going when others can’t. Or gladness that bubbles up, in spite of “everything.” These are grace effects that originate from Jesus. Things that remind you you’re part of something bigger. Something grand.

The call to grace adventure with Jesus is not a call to be good or committed or “act right.” It’s an invitation to dance through life with Him. To learn from Him and try out the new “choreography” of His rhythms of grace. To find our hearts living and overflowing in new ways.

Since no one's an expert the instant they begin, we practice with Him. Some days the dance may awe others. Some days we might look halting and stilted.

We may not always exude joy. But we know it’s ours.
We won’t always feel free. But we know we are.
We won’t dance every movement perfectly. But we keep it up.

Because we are free. We are new. We are in Christ!

Learning the dance of grace means following His lead in the everyday spaces. It means trusting Him. And finding that this dance brings joy and freedom – the privilege of watching His constant, empowering presence overflow into what we think and say and do in the ordinariness of life.

Suggested Reading

2 Corinthians 9:8; 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Prayer for Today

Dear Jesus, You have invited me to this dance of grace with You. Thank You for teaching me the "steps" so You can shine through in every facet of my life. I know the strength to live freely and joyfully this way is a gift from You. May I reflect Your grace and glory through the ordinariness of each day. Amen.


  1. What heart overflow in my life can I thank God for today, knowing it's from Him not me?
  2. Have I accepted Jesus' invitation to dance with Him? Why or why not?


Thanks so much Janna, for sharing with us what is on your heart as you continue to flow in the River of grace and dance with Jesus in His grace-filled dance.

I just had a beautiful picture of this dance as we learn it with Him. He does not mind at all if we step on His toes. Better yet, came this picture of His invitation to stand on His feet. Reminds me of little girl and big brother or Daddy enjoying the dance or walk with her feet on His. Maybe that’s why at times others see a grace-full dance, while we ourselves know it’s because we are moving with His feet and His arms wrapped around us.

Keep dancin’, sister. You’re beautiful!

Love you. Great to hear from you.

Janna Wright

What a beautiful image! He never leaves us to stumble alone or try to figure out the steps ourselves. He truly leads the way in having a glorious time. Hope you enjoy your dance today too, friend! Much love and grace…