I sat in my mentor’s office struggling to find the right words. We talked of this and that till he surprised me with a question:

“How long have you felt burned out?”

Ummmm, burned out? But, I just wrote a book about my huge burn-out story and how grace and Jesus changes all that. I can’t be burned out again. How can I possibly offer grace and hope if I keep returning to a weary place?

Not a single one of those words made it past my lips, though. Instead I teared up and said, “Since right after my book came out last fall.”

I hadn’t realized how tired I was until that precise moment.

Lemme tell you, birthing a book is no easy process. Oh, I enjoyed the writing, but not so much the minutiae required to bring a book into the world:  deadlines, cover art, marketing, web pages, launch plans, social media, printing . . . basically, the 1001 decisions you make after the words are crafted.

On top of being tired from a book birth in late September, my husband started a new job in October and the upheaval of a new family schedule with the holidays right after shook my equilibrium even further.

All of it left me physically, emotionally, and mentally tuckered out. Again.

Maybe you’ve experienced this before? A season of pouring out for a long time, doing good things, but now you’re pretty weary and need some rest.

Three Things We Can Learn Again

Through that eye-opening conversation, God began to teach me some new truths. He pointed me toward three things we must understand about this crazy adventure we call life.

  1. Yes, you’re tired, but not like before.

Life is a journey — an upward spiral of growing in grace. And though some seasons might seem familiar to us, they aren’t the same as before because we aren’t the same!

God reminds us, “Yes, you’re tired, but not like you before. That was for the purpose of revealing a truth of My grace to you. And while I’m showing you more of My grace now, this is different. YOU are different.” This simple truth can comfort our hearts. We are no longer who we were!

  1. Life is spiritual warfare, sweetheart!

Remember the story of the Israelites conquering the Promised Land? God told them anywhere the soles of their feet touched was theirs to claim. They could walk forward, defeating the giants and claiming the beautiful land for themselves. And God promised them victory in their battles.

This life you and I live is a lot like Promised Land conquering. We are engaged in warfare! While we’re promised God’s continued presence and victory for the battles, we shouldn’t expect to sit around and sip lemonade. We still must fight the good fight of faith.

Remember, even the most seasoned warrior sometimes returns home with cuts and bruises, an ugly wound, or even a limp after particularly tough battles. It’s to be expected.

  1. You have permission to create restorative places in your life.

When we walk around depleted we’re not much good to anyone. But when we pause to be refilled — by Jesus and by things He created us to love — we can waltz back into real life with a restored heart and arms outstretched to serve.

In seasons of weariness, it’s wise to make space for life-giving people and restorative activities. We have permission to find rest for our bodies and refreshment for our souls.

Where do you crave rest and refreshment for your soul right now?

A Little Prayer

Poppa, thank You that you are always with me, offering grace for every moment. Thank you that you care about my life seasons–especially the ones I’m facing right now. Help me to realize I’m not the same as I used to be because You teach me and help me grow. Open my eyes to where You are working in today’s story so I rely on Your grace and strength. And may I find my heart refreshment in You. Amen.