Please stop working so hard for Jesus

Please stop working so hard for Jesus

Once there was a girl who grew up in a good Christian family. From the time she was young, she served in her dad’s church. When she graduated from Christian school, she enrolled in Christian university where she studied hard and eventually met and married an evangelist. For years she and her husband traveled the country, serving God together.

One birthday in her early 40’s, her husband wrote her a message for all to see, ending with:

“May God bless you with many more years of service to Him!!”

Maybe she smiled fondly as she blew out her candles. Or maybe . . .

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The 3 Things I Never Expected to {re}Learn This Year

The 3 Things I Never Expected to {re}Learn This Year

I sat in my mentor’s office struggling to find the right words. We talked of this and that till he surprised me with a question:

“How long have you felt burned out?”

Ummmm, burned out? But, I just wrote a book about my huge burn-out story and how grace and Jesus changes all that. I can’t be burned out again. How can I possibly offer grace and hope if I keep returning to a weary place?

Not a single one of those words made it past my lips, though. Instead I teared up and said, “Since right after my book came out last fall.”

I hadn’t realized how tired I was until that precise moment. Continue reading →

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