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Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

There once lived a happily-married king and queen. All across the land, the queen was known for her beauty. The king loved his wife dearly – not just for her lovely face and flowing hair but for the regal beauty that flowed from within.

After many years, the queen began to ponder the thief of time. She worried that when her looks faded, the king would no longer love her. Questions of “how long?” and “what then?” swirled in her mind until one day she couldn’t stand it any longer. Continue reading →

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want to declutter your life?

want to declutter your life?

There’s a question that’s been tickling the back of my mind lately. Okay, full disclosure it’s closer to a full-blown siren than Elmo.

It’s only four words long, and every time it surfaces my eyes crinkle a little, my mouth quirks, and I pause for a second.

How the Question Found Me

It began when a #1 New York Times Best Seller found me at Costco a few weeks ago, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. To be honest, I picked up the book because of the red, round sticker proclaiming “3 million copies sold.” If that number’s true, there’s gotta be something worth reading in there, right? (Silly logic, I know, “If a bunch of people read this, it must be good.” Yeah, it could be awful, and a bunch of people are sorry, but . . .)

To my delight, I found treasure inside! The premise of the book centers on tidying up your home by discarding things you don’t love and need.  Marie Kondo theorizes that when you surround yourself with only the things that bring you joy, you are more peaceful, happy, and able to be you.

Now I don’t swallow books hook, line, and sinker because of my grace filter. How happy was I, then, to encounter four grace words — Does it spark joy?

My heart sang when I read them, so much so that it keeps humming the same tune a month later.

Sure, my home will be happier, more organized. But the truth that made my heart sing is that this question applies to LIFE!

How to Declutter Your Life

What if we used these words as a “test” for all we have or do: the clothes we buy, the company we keep, the vocation we pursue . . . ANYTHING?

What if the key criterion for everything in life were
Does this spark joy?”

dandelion dreamsImagine how much different life could feel! Like cleaning out your closet and donating four stuffed garbage bags full of clothes – the ones that don’t quite fit, make you look pasty, are worn out, or just don’t delight anymore – you could “lighten” your LIFE and surround yourself with things that spark your joy!

And instead of feeling guilty or disgusted that you’ve held onto

  • that dwindling friendship for so long
  • that service opportunity that’s drudgery now
  • that monthly meeting you dread
  • that stained couch you wish weren’t,

you could thank it for its service and release it.

Because sometimes you have to say no to make room for a yes that delights you fully.

So, here’s to a {quiet-ish} mind siren, some delightful “No’s,” and multiple joy sparks today.

Wishing you plenty of all three!

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