Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

There once lived a happily-married king and queen. All across the land, the queen was known for her beauty. The king loved his wife dearly – not just for her lovely face and flowing hair but for the regal beauty that flowed from within.

After many years, the queen began to ponder the thief of time. She worried that when her looks faded, the king would no longer love her. Questions of “how long?” and “what then?” swirled in her mind until one day she couldn’t stand it any longer.

castle reflectionThe beautiful queen retreated to a castle tower to await the inevitable. Every day she sat in a hard wooden chair, peering at her reflection in a mirror for the first signs of age. The poor king was beside himself and visited every day. But the queen was so preoccupied with her fear that she could not think of anything else. Nothing anyone said or did made any difference. Days turned into weeks; weeks turned into months.

“The queen’s face remained as beautiful as ever. But the king’s love could not stay the course charted by his wife’s fearful heart. His love began to diminish with every minute of every day that the queen stayed in the tower, until at last the morning dawned when the king awoke and discovered that his love for the queen was altogether gone. And in this way, the queen’s own actions brought about the result she had so feared: The king no longer loved her.”*

Where’s Your Focus

What story are you mentally rehearsing today? Is it the story of what you don’t want – a story of doubt and fear? Or the story of what you truly desire – a story of hope and trust?  Like the queen, you and I are responsible for creating our reality, whether we realize it or not.

What you focus on eventually shows up in your life. Even in your Christian life, if you focus on fear, it grows. If you focus on trusting God, it grows. Today you can create the story you hope to live. Simply meditate on what  you hope to experience (instead of the thing you dread), and real life will eventually surprise you.

To stories you love and a life that delights you!

what you focus on grows - gracethread

*story source: Winter’s Child by Cameron Dokey

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