Experiencing the Joy of Receiving

Experiencing the Joy of Receiving

December is flying past us. By now we’re all surrounded with twinkle lights and gift lists, Christmas carols and flurry, holiday goodies and party plans.

But sometimes in the busiest seasons our Heavenly Poppa reaches down and whispers something special.

For me it’s the word, “receive.”

Like a soft whisper on the wind, this word follows me lately.

When I first sensed it, I thought, “That’s odd. This is the season for giving, isn’t it?”

“Receive” can seem like a selfish word — like a little child, overly excited about opening her own presents, never giving a thought to anyone else. For us responsible, committed adults, the word, “give”, is the true mantra of Christmas. Give presents. Give cheer. Give goodies. Give love. Give comfort and joy.

I mean, isn’t that what Jesus did when He came to earth — gave of Himself? Isn’t that the very thing we now celebrate ‘mid the flurry and frost? Continue reading →

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how to stay above the holiday crazy

how to stay above the holiday crazy

December rarely looks like you think it will – at least at my house. How about yours?

Do you ever feel like I do — that with the lists and expectations and duties, holiday season can seem less magical and Hallmark-ish than we’d hoped?

Just this week I had an aha about the Christmas crazy, thanks to some time away from home, somebody’s prayer, and a time-freeze moment. Here’s what happened . . .

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