because we all need a duty break now & then

Not many days ago I stumbled upon several grownups engrossed in childlike fun, and I asked myself why we don’t do that more.

Why we don’t break away from daily duty to enjoy life more?

The first was a grown man flying a red triangle kit at the park. The kite was enormous – at least three or four feet across – but flying so high it was only the size of a quarter held at arm’s length in the blue CO sky. (I know because I held my arm up to measure.)

I grinned at the red wonder that transported me down memory lane to the thrill of a dollar store kite, sure to tear in minutes, but not before a breathtaking jump-swoop sky hop, miles and miles above me. Holding the string I knew I was the one flying. That I could soar and tear across the great blue, dipping just below clouds and laughing at the sheer freedom of it!

The second moment was a couple of waiters tossing a football behind a restaurant. They were laughing and carrying on like little kids.

They didn’t care who saw them. They didn’t stop to worry what the judging cars thought of their antics. That life didn’t have to be drudgery just because work was waiting for them. That they were completely in the moment, enchanted with soaring pigskin.

When I saw these childlike moments, I remembered all is grace. That wind, red triangles, lumpy pigskin, legs running, smiles, and laughter are each gracious gifts from a loving God.

May you have at least one steal-away-for-a-picnic, crunch-in-the-leaves, run-till-the-wind-musses-your-curls moment today that makes you revel, childlike, in grace.

Janna, Grace Embracer

P.S. What simple break from everyday duty makes you feel like a kid again?

Photo credit: kite