when life reminds you of elementary school

When I glimpse chosen in Ephesians, my mind drifts to elementary school and recess games.

The entire class lined up in two teams with hands interlaced. The other team would chant, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send [someone’s name] right over!” and that person from our team had to run as fast and hard as he could to break the other human chain. (Do you remember playing that one?)

The best part of the game?  Being chosen. Hearing your name chanted – “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Janna right over!” I still remember the knot in my stomach, waiting, then the shiver of excitement as I heard my name. 

Funny, but in a very small way, this reminds me of being chosen by God.

He’s not strong-armed, guilt-tripped, or obligated by any outside source. He simply chooses to offer us love, salvation, and unconditional acceptance into His family. It’s just one of the million ways He shows His love — by choosing us.

I can’t quite wrap my head all the way around this truth, but I’m awed because believing I’m loved that much and am chosen by name does something for me.  It gives me a sense of worth. A feeling of belonging. A piece of grace truth I can hold onto in the middle of day-to-day, not-quite-glamorous life.

Loved and Chosen by God

Let’s be enveloped with this beautiful truth today. We are precious Chosen Ones –handpicked and adored by Poppa.

Janna, Grace Distributor

P.S. What childhood memory reminds you of a God truth?

statue photo: public domain by Peter Griffin; merry go round photo: public domain by John Kovacich