Isn’t it interesting how words come to mean something?

Like “Babe,” for instance. When I was little it meant a tiny infant. When the movie came out, it meant a pig. And when you get married and hear it from your hubby’s lips, it means you!

Somewhere along the way “grace” has gotten a reputation for being soft and comfortable — kind of like being snuggled by so many adorable puppies.

But grace is much more than that – especially when she travels with her favorite companion, Truth.

What We Need More of This Year

This year let’s pray for courage — a courage that holds onto Grace and looks Truth square in the eye. Bravery that wrestles the tough questions, the important issues, and the real-life stuff.

2018 can be the year we find the courage to be honest with ourselves and with God. And that courage can begin right now.

Here’s to Bravery

Today I’d love for us to put on our brave pants and ponder together:

What if I were convinced God loves and likes me right this minute?

Because He absolutely does. And if He really does like and accept you…how might that change your relationship with Him for good?