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What I Learned from Getting Ditched Twice in One Day

What I Learned from Getting Ditched Twice in One Day

Not too long ago I was ditched. Twice. On the same day. No, it wasn’t some online dating scenario gone wrong. It was just one of those odd coincidences that makes you pause for a second and use your scrunched up “What in the world?” face. Two of my employees quit on the same day. They didn’t know each other, and each had a perfectly good reason. But, it did make me pause. Even as God clearly told me He had other plans in mind, I was wondering, “Am I going to be able to find more good help, or am I on my own?” Continue reading →

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3 reasons to stop waiting for someday

3 reasons to stop waiting for someday

When Dave and I were dating, we loved to walk downtown. We’d chat, eat, stroll, chat some more, and had a few cozy spots along the river that we especially enjoyed.

One wooden, weathered park bench in particular we christened our “Someday Bench” because the night we decided to date officially and exclusively, we carved “someday” into that bench. One glimpse of our shining eyes and giant smiles and you know how much hope and possibility that word held for us!

I kept “someday” close to my heart for a long time as a promise of beautiful things to come . . .  Someday I’ll get engaged. Someday I’ll get married. Someday I’ll own a house. Someday I’ll move away from FL heat back to where it snows . . . . The word meant anything big that I looked forward to.Someday Bench

Someday Begins to Fade

It wasn’t too many years into marriage, though, when that word began to tell me a different story – a twisted one that went,

You always have to wait for the things you’d really love.

And that, my friends, was a very sad tale.

Have you ever felt

that you’re perpetually waiting for the good in life?
that your big break will come eventually?
that, of course, God’s going to do something grand
and glorious for you – SOMEDAY?

We might be putting too much pressure on a 7-letter word. But the truth is, the “SOMEDAY STORY” is one the devil masterfully wields to keep us from living a peaceful, joyful life today. He knows this red button can paralyze us and keep us from claiming the amazing life that God has for us right now.

Oh, we say things like “not the right time” or “waiting on God” or “I just want to do what HE wants me to do.”

But what if those are just excuses? What if God actually WANTS us to live MORE of what we love TODAY? What if the life you dream of could start NOW instead of “someday when I . . .”

  • have enough money
  • get married
  • know the time is right
  • retire
  • finish raising the kids
  • feel I know enough
  • figure out which job is perfect

Why Not Today?

With apologies to Snow White singing of her prince, you and I were never actually promised “Someday.” And waiting for it is just a recipe for flattened hopes, discarded dreams, and dissatisfied life.

In my search for an alternative to flattened-discarded-dissatisfied, I’ve discovered three reasons to delete “someday” from my vocabulary. Each of these alternatives has inspired me at one point or another when the “Someday Story” tried to creep back in:

  1. You can choose.

Wouldn’t you love to pick the what and when of the things you dream of? The power of choice is one of the greatest powers you have. Go ahead and wield it to affect the life you want right now – not just someday in the foggy future. Who (or what) is trying to convince you that “someday” is your destiny anyway? You hold the power to choose. So, why not choose that someday begins TODAY?

  1. You are not a victim.

Listening to the “Someday Story” can further convince you that life is happening to you. But it’s not. You can carpe a little diem any time you want because you’re the hero of your own adventure story! And heroes live fully right now without waiting for stars to align perfectly or other “characters” to give them permission.

  1. Stepping toward a dream is more fun.

If you could have anything, would you . . .  travel more? hire a housecleaner? quit your job? hike the mountains? be healthier? happier? inspired more often? What do you want? Let your mind imagine what your best life could look like – then take one small step this minute. Want a housecleaner? (That’s one of mine.) Spend 10 minutes writing an ad. You don’t even have to post it yet, but you’re one step closer to the life you’ll love. And taking even a small step is a whole lot more fun than waiting any day of the week.

So why not take control of today, dream up a few immediate possibilities, and start walking toward them? While I still love our Someday Bench, I’ve concluded it’s best left to blissful dating memory and not so much a mantra for life.

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