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the only place vulnerability thrives

the only place vulnerability thrives

How can you tell if someone’s a safe place? I mean, how can you really know if a person will tromp on your heart or hold it carefully with open hands?

To be honest I’ve never really liked the word vulnerable. It smacks of “Bare your soul, (but I’ll most likely judge you at some point and probably won’t be as honest with you as I demand you be with me).”

I know that shows a bit of my learned distrust. We could probably swap some jaw-dropping stories, you and I. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the ones who demand vulnerability the loudest are the least safe places to share? Hmm? Oh, you’re so right — “funny” isn’t the best word for it.

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when polydipsia can be the best condition to have

when polydipsia can be the best condition to have

Today I’m pondering deeply how Jesus quenches polydipsia (excessive thirst) of the heart.

He freely opens the Everlasting Fountain to those who cry,

“Save me, I’m dying of thirst!”

not merely to the mildly interested with an

“Oh, well, if You’ve got the pitcher out anyway – sure, I’ll have a sip.” Continue reading →

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when the thwap of life gets too loud to ignore

when the thwap of life gets too loud to ignore

I just jumped from my swivel desk chair with a start and raced downstairs to the laundry room to quiet the metallic THWAP THWAP THWAP emanating from my washing machine.

I have one of those still-runs-like-a-champ top loaders. But if I neglect to distribute the towels evenly, the washer barrel takes offense and protests with horrific noises and vigorous scooting, inching the entire washer across the floor with each revolution during the spin cycle.

(Hint: If you leave this problem unattended, the washer wedges the laundry room door shut so you must go out the front door, figure out how to open the garage without car keys which are pinned inside the laundry room, and hope that the other laundry door isn’t blocked too. I speak from experience.)

Imbalance of Life

Some days life feels a little like an imbalanced washer – noisy, scooting me the wrong direction, holding doors of opportunity shut.

laundry girl

Those are the days I feel too busy and forget to remember Whose is the work. The days I’m over committed. Or the times I’m hyper-focused on THIS project/desire/idea as the one that needs the most attention. That’s when my everyday gets all wonky.

Ever feel like your today is on unbalanced spin cycle with you protesting loudly and scooting off to parts unknown?

A Prayer for the Imbalanced Days

On days like these we need to grab onto grace and let God re-spread the duties – move this over, take that out –  so life can resume the balance He intended. Good thing He promises all the grace we need for all the things we face today! Funny how an everyday chore can even point us toward grace.

I wrote a little prayer for today. I’d like to pray it for you, and I hope maybe you’ll do the same for me.

May your today be blissfully free of the noise and distraction of imbalance.  As you rely on God’s grace, may the duties keep their proper places, leaving doors of opportunity wide open, so you have no trouble seeing God’s hand at work. And may you be free of agitation, peacefully at rest with the One who never slumbers or sleeps. Amen.


Where do you see God working on the imbalance of everyday life for you?

Photo credits:  washer girl

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can you hate religion but love jesus?

can you hate religion but love jesus?

I stumbled across an amazing testimony this week. It’s the testimony of a man who got fed up with a religious system that had little to do with God’s heart. Hmm, I think I can relate in some ways!

See if it strikes a chord with you too, this heart-poem from a man who grew up in Christianity but never saw true grace until he realized religion and Jesus aren’t necessarily the same.

Janna, Grace Embracer

P.S. What are your thoughts on religion vs. Jesus?

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wanted: a soaked soul

wanted: a soaked soul

Can I let you in on a little secret? I have a black thumb. No, make that two black thumbs.

As much as I love to cook with fresh ingredients and would adore using fresh produce from my own garden, I’ve come to grips with the truth (only three wilted tomato plants, four dead herb seedlings, a couple of droopy cuttings, a bug-infested apple tree, and one stagnant avocado pit later). The sad truth: I cannot grow things. 

I tried this summer, really I did. For the third year, I potted a tomato plant. (Other Coloradans keep telling me how they don’t know what to do with all the tomatoes their voluptuous bushes yield. Yeah, secretly I kinda wanna smack ‘em.)

This year the plant was called Health Kick. You’d think a plant with health in the name would be, well, healthy, and produce beautifully, right? Continue reading →

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