When Your Faith is Tired of Hitting the Brick Wall

When Your Faith is Tired of Hitting the Brick Wall

Ever have those moments where you’re stumped?

You’ve been working a problem, trying to fix a relationship, or praying for a difficult situation for a while now. But instead of finding a solution, it feels like you’re stuck in a toy car that’s driving into the same brick wall over and over.

With each jarring impact you find yourself asking,

Why . . . [UFF!]

. . . is this . . . [ERRRG!]

so . . .  HARD? [OW!]

I’ve been facing one of those situations recently. And it bugs me. Continue reading →

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A Simple Way to Grow Your Faith

A Simple Way to Grow Your Faith

Sitting across from a friend at lunch, I heard this story.

For four years in a row now, I’ve taken time off each summer to serve at a non-profit camp for at-risk kids. It’s the highlight of my year! Every year God has taken care of my business while I’m out of the office and basically off grid for an entire week. Being self employed, that much time away can potentially throw my business into chaos. But every single time, God has taken care of the business. He’s made sure things run smoothly and that I still have consistent cash flow coming in. I don’t know why I’m worrying this year when He’s taken care of me every other time!

I could relate with the worry gremlin who likes to taunt me today in spite of what God’s provided in the past. Continue reading →

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when polydipsia can be the best condition to have

when polydipsia can be the best condition to have

Today I’m pondering deeply how Jesus quenches polydipsia (excessive thirst) of the heart.

He freely opens the Everlasting Fountain to those who cry,

“Save me, I’m dying of thirst!”

not merely to the mildly interested with an

“Oh, well, if You’ve got the pitcher out anyway – sure, I’ll have a sip.” Continue reading →

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My theme for this year

My theme for this year

I love January 1st. The prospect of new beginnings and a fresh start always fills me with great hope. Who knows yet what this year has in store? Probably wild, wonderful things are just around the corner!

I was looking back at my Grace Journal and reminding my soul of what God has done when I came across my favorite entry from this past year. Continue reading →

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blooming in belief – part 2

blooming in belief – part 2

So, I’m dying to share the rest of the treasures I found in my new favorite verse.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing,
so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

JOY:  This lovely means “gladness” and surprised me because it’s from the very same root word as . . . wait for it . . . GRACE! When I discovered that, I was all, “Seriously?!” and couldn’t stop making up hyphenated words in my head like “grace-joy” just to taste how they sound together. (You know I’m head over heels about grace, so finding evidence of it anywhere is a delight.)

PEACE: [sigh of contentment] Isn’t the word itself just calm? Here it means “having a tranquil soul” and “fearing nothing from God.” I love it because before grace I lived in great fear (and even now, some days, I’m tempted to step back there). Anything that reassures me I don’t have to live in that trembly, upset-stomach place anymore fills me with sighs of relief, happiness, tranquility, and calm.

BELIEVING:  Remember the center hinge? “Believe” is a matter of “thinking to be true, being persuaded of something, or placing our confidence in.” The point of life is to believe truth – about God, about our identity in Christ, about the way He says life actually works.

lavender flower

So, here’s a little recap:  As we focus our thoughts on what’s true and become more persuaded and confident in the God of all grace, He’s diffusing joy and peace into our souls so we can – and here comes my favorite word – ABOUND!

ABOUND: I’m sure you know it means “to be filled up, overflow, have an abundance with leftovers.” But here’s the part that intrigued me.  When this word was penned way back in the first century, it was most often used to describe flowers. People would say a flower opening from bud to full bloom was “abounding.” What a gorgeous mental picture – and the truth behind it astounds me!  (Can’t you see me jigging up and down on my office chair? I’m really excited about this!!)

See, the Holy Spirit takes our tiny, fragile grace-joy and peace buds, and He grows and matures them until they burst into full bloom in our lives.

Know what happens when He “blossoms” your soul like that? The person next to you can’t help but see the beautiful petals and smell the perfume of your believing life.  You’re a gorgeous, grace-smelling flower, permeating the air around you with the hope that’s abounding in your heart. Way to go, Poppa!

Janna, Belief Pursuer

P.S. Here’s a link if you missed yesterday’s part 1 post.


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