As the holidays grow busy, we can feel pulled in many directions. Events, family, gifts, gatherings, and traditions vie for our attention. One way to breathe calm into our souls during a hectic season is to look for simple moments with Jesus.

Simple moments are just that -- simple. They don't require much time or preparation. They can happen almost anywhere. And they can bring peace and delight to our souls as we enjoy His presence. What a joy that Immanuel, God with us (Matthew 1:23), has promised "I will never leave you or forsake you" (Hebrews 13:5). His presence never falters or wanes in correlation to our calendars. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Here are five simple moments with Jesus to encourage your soul this Christmas season:

  1. Pause before you commit.

Have a short conversation with Jesus before you say yes to a new opportunity, person, event, or happening. A pause gives you a chance to breathe and refocus your heart. You’ll not only connect with Him, you’ll be more in tune with how He’s guiding you moment by moment so you don’t overcommit or rush into something you regret.

  1. Leave breathing space between activities.

As you schedule your day, try to leave some space between activities. Instead of rushing headlong from event to event, create a little in-between time to gather your thoughts and check in with Jesus. Your soul might need a short respite. Or Jesus might have a small, fun divine appointment to add. Adding breathing space to your schedule allows you to navigate your adventure more peacefully, open to whatever Jesus has.

  1. Turn down the “noise.”

Set aside time each day to turn off your phone, tablet, laptop, tv, podcasts, and music -- even as little as 10-15 minutes. Let the silence be a welcome respite and a chance to create space for your mind. Think about how Jesus is with you every moment – even the quiet ones. And watch how the quiet offers a chance for a short prayer conversation or to simply be in His presence.

  1. Enjoy the local scenery.

If you walk or jog outdoors, “invite” Jesus to go with you this time. Think of Him being present in your daily activity. Breathe deeply and let the sights and sounds of creation wash over you. Delight in His handiwork and let Him know how much you enjoy His artistry. Notice how the scenery, sunshine, air, and beauty He created refresh your soul.

  1. Take advantage of car time.

Car time is inevitable, especially around the holidays. As you travel, think of Christ as being in the seat next to you. What would He ask you about? What are you anxious to share with Him? You could use the car time to thank Him, worship Him, or tell Him what’s on your mind.


We can find simple moments in the middle of everyday life. And the beauty of simple moments is that they eventually add up to a more peaceful, grace-full walk with Jesus.

Prayer for Today

Dear Jesus, this Christmas season I’d love to have more simple moments with You. Life is busy, and people need me. But I know you are always near and ready to help me capture even a small, significant moment with You. May I make simple moments with You a priority and find I enjoy them so much I can’t wait to try them again tomorrow. Amen.


  1. Which of the simple moment suggestions resonates with my heart right now?
  2. Where can I carve out a small, simple moment with Jesus today?