How did this last year affect your soul?

The passing of a year beckons us to pause and reflect. As we glance back, do we notice places God was up to something? What do we hope and pray for the new year ahead?

Maybe last year was a rough season and we sense Jesus calling us to rest. Maybe we anticipate change and know He’s asking us to step out in faith. Or maybe we're unclear on what lies ahead.

Whatever the new year holds, God desires to grow us in grace and relationship with Him. In every new season He has a grace rhythm to teach us, a deeper understanding of Himself to share, or a precious truth to awaken our hearts to. (Matthew 11:28-30)

As we say goodbye to another year, let's take time to reflect. With a journal, pen, and a quiet place, ask Jesus to help you notice where the riches of His grace carried and sustained you this past year (Ephesians 2:7). Let your heart listen for what to continue and what to leave behind as you and Jesus adventure into the coming days together.

May the questions below serve to focus our minds and hearts and help the "reflective juices" flow.

End-of-Year Reflection Questions

What delighted me this year?

What is a memory I carry with me from this year?

Where can I see God’s grace at work in my life this year?

What did God bring me through this year?

How did I experience God’s love this year?

In what ways is my relationship with God different now than when the year began?

What is something I’m proud of this year? What’s something I regret?

What do I want to leave behind and not carry into the new year?

What person/people did God use in my life this year?

What energized me this year? What drained me?

What challenges did I overcome this year?

In what ways have I changed this year?

What did I learn this year?

What am I hoping for in 2023? What am I asking God to do/be for me?

What is one thing I’ll do differently this coming year or an area to grow in?

If I could travel back to the beginning of 2022, what advice would I give myself?

A new focus for the new year

After reflecting on the past year...if you're tired of new year resolutions like me, here's a refreshing alternative. A word of the year gives us clearer focus and a vision to get excited about -- without worrying our efforts will fizzle by February.

This will be my tenth year prayerfully selecting a Word of the Year. And I love seeing Jesus use this simple concept in fun ways throughout my faith adventure!

If you’re part of the Grace Thread community, an updated Word of the Year guide is waiting for you right now in the Growing in Grace resource library. Otherwise, subscribe below to download a copy and prayerfully, playfully discover your own word in 2023!

Happy New Year,