Are you surprised, too, that summer’s arrived? Summertime can sometimes make us feel like kids freed from school–ready to stay up late, play outside, watch movies, eat ice cream, and ask ourselves a dozen times a day, “What do you want now?” 

It’s an interesting question – “What do you want?” To answer honestly, you have to get in touch with the true you, deep inside, and what she truly desires. Answering “What do you want?” means trusting your heart.

And that can prove tricky sometimes, especially if you’ve been taught good Christians know their hearts are “desperately wicked” and not to be trusted (Jer. 17:9), instead of the truth that you possess a beautiful, wise heart made new through salvation in Christ. (Ezek. 36:26; 2 Cor. 5:17)

In Tune with Your Heart

Do you do the word of the year thing? Mine this year is…

God’s using this year to teach me being playfully alive as believers means we happily enjoy ourselves instead of just going through the motions or getting by. Playfully alive means living life with your whole heart!

You cannot be the person God meant you to be, and you cannot live the life God meant you to live, unless you live from the heart.

John Eldredge

That means your brand new heart–the new nature in Christ you received at the moment of salvation.

New Things

This past April our family stepped out into some brand new—slightly scary—territory. One of the guys at my husband’s work was scrambling to find housing, and since we have space, we decided to rent him an upstairs bedroom and bathroom.

The room we rented was for craft and storage before, so that meant a large closet, shelving, dresser, storage piece, and decorations had to be moved.

The whole gain-a-roommate happened fast, so we dumped all the stuff in weird places. For a while I cringed every time I saw the piled guest bed, messy office, landing stacked with who-knows-where-to-put-these-thingamajigs. But, oddly enough, it’s turned into an unexpected blessing.

The whole process has kinda become a metaphor for what happens in our lives—God puts things in order before He launches the next piece of your grand adventure.

Through this process I’m learning new ways to be playfully alive. This putting things away, freshening up a space, rearranging things – this right here is grace come to life! And it makes my heart, work, and creativity come alive in fresh, new ways.

Summer Lovin’

Now please don’t go reorganize your closets and sweep up dust bunnies in order to be happy this summer. I wouldn’t wish that on you! It’s a truckload of work, and besides, maybe it’s not your thing.

Maybe your thing is journaling or planting flowers or going to the beach or making up stories or painting or having a BBQ on the deck or singing a song or reading a book or baking someone coffeecake or inviting a friend over for tea on a random Thursday morning.

What makes you come alive? What lets your heart sing a happy little song? What do you want?

This summer give attention to the true you God created. Never mind the “shoulds” and guilt, the faulty “deceitful heart” speak, or what other people tell you you need to be.

Simply let your beautiful, made-new-in-Jesus heart answer the “come alive” questions honestly…and then go pursue more of that.

Because the life Jesus came to give you is one where you are truly you–in harmony with what feels alive and free, and living from that place with your whole heart!

Happy playfully-alive, full-hearted summer to you, my friend,

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