Grace Mentoring

Jesus created us to walk together, because we need one another.

At some point in our Christian lives, we all need support. Our souls need a seasoned believer to come alongside, offer encouragement, listen, and share their experience.

Grace Mentoring provides a side-by-side relationship & a personalized plan to help you get “unstuck” and grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Mentoring is for the Christian woman who...

desires a closer relationship with God,
needs help in a specific spiritual area,
hopes to get "unstuck,"
craves a new outlook & perspective,
feels close to burnout, or
wants extra support & guidance in her faith journey.

(*NOTE: Mentoring is not professional counseling or deep trauma recovery.)

What's Grace Mentoring like?

Grace Mentoring is like a smidgeon of spiritual direction, with a sprinkle of mindset work, and a dash of Christian coaching. Bible truth and relationship with Jesus are the foundation. Grace is the pathway.

Mentoring focuses on the present and looks forward to the future.

Mentoring asks your soul to reflect & be honest about where you are with Jesus.

Mentoring includes encouragement, inspiration, and truth.

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Grace Mentoring can help you...

Rekindle your
relationship with God

Find lasting
peace & joy

Walk in
true freedom

Find out if Grace Mentoring is what your soul needs...

Submit the form to inquire about mentoring. Janna prayerfully considers each request and will connect with you as soon as possible.

These meetings have been such a blessing. Last week I saw a video of a dog chasing his tail and it so reminded me of myself before I started mentoring! I love that this has been so life giving, positive, and forward moving, unlike some mentalities that lead us to believe we are stuck in the dark. The light inside is being relit and fanned into flame by knowledge, hope and encouragement . . . I know it is the Holy Spirit doing the work. -D.J.