Are you closing the chapter named “2020” with a happy sigh of relief too? The God of All Grace knew what this past year held. And He’s deeply invested in where we’re headed next. So as we turn the page to a new year, let’s take a moment to ask…

Who is God inviting me to be in 2021?

What if instead of a list of resolutions this year, you focused on a single theme that helped you stand in grace, make better decisions, and face each day with calm anticipation? A Word of the Year can help you center your heart and live in a refreshing, truth-filled way.

why a word of the year

Choosing a Word of the Year brings clarity and focus. Like having a blank page in front of you with a story waiting to be written, the Word of the Year acts as a theme for this chapter of your life. A Word of the Year is also a grace alternative to goals and resolutions (which can bring a lot of guilt and shame with them). Studies show most resolutions are fizzled or forgotten by mid-February anyway.

The first time I chose a Word of the Year, I was hooked! I couldn’t believe how quickly my typical resolution guilt was replaced by joy and clarity. And it was so fun too!

Here are some of the places God’s invited me in the past few years:

  • 2014 believe
  • 2015 sanctuary
  • 2016 soar
  • 2017 sparkle
  • 2018 joy
  • 2019 playfully alive
  • 2020 creativity

Each year God uses a particular word to show me truth about what He’s like and who He’s leading me to be. Most years I have a special verse or passage that corresponds with my word too. These truths have permeated my work, my family, my thoughts, my relationships, my outlook, and more. Each December I look forward to where God will invite me in the coming year.

the truth lingers

When God invites you into something, He nestles that truth deep into your heart. And powerful truth lingers — especially truth we experience over days, weeks, and months. Even after a year is long gone, the truths God’s taught you can remain in your mind and heart.

where to begin

So, who is God inviting you to be in 2021? Has He been whispering a word to your heart already? Let Him guide you into the grace He has prepared for this coming year.

If you’d enjoy a simple way to choose a Word of the Year, I’ve created a free guide for you that mirrors my own process. I’d love to hear how God leads you and who He invites you to be in 2021.

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Happy New Year!