The radio host asked his co-host if she’d been engaged before. She had! And this is the story she told of  why she has a former fiancé instead of a current husband.

Once my fiance and I were walking through the supermarket. He picked up a magazine, flipped it open, and held it out to me. “See this? This is beautiful,” he said, pointing to a picture of a model. “And you’re almost there.”

{cricket, cricket}

You’re probably gasping in horror at this true story. How could he say something like that to her? What a ridiculous standard to hold someone to?

A Similar Story

I wonder if we realize, though, that this is the same tactic the enemy often uses to undermine our confidence. If he can’t immobilize Christian women with blatant sin, he’ll try to come in the back door and tell you you’re not really as good as you should be. He’ll hold up a standard – God’s perfect one – sadly shake his head, and convince you you’re “not good enough” or you’re “not as godly as you should be.”

If we listen to the enemy’s whispers for long, we’ll start feeling guilty and less than. Shame will creep in, and the lie “You’re just not good enough” will be what we begin to believe.

The True Story

But we don’t have to be fooled by the half truths. Yes, we might not measure up to the “perfect Christian” standard, but the truth is, we don’t have to! We don’t even have to secretly wish or strive for “good Christian” status.

Because of grace.

In His grace God sees you, knows all about you, and still says you are His adored, chosen, righteous, adopted, justified one with Christ in you. Even on your terrible, horrible, no good, very worst days, He delights in you! Nothing you do or fail to do can make God love you any more or any less than He does right now.

God never expects perfection from you. He just wants you to be the lovely work of art that He created so you reflect His love and grace to the world. He designed you to do this in your own unique way.

When God looks at you, He says, “Magazine, schmagazine! See my precious daughter right there in real life? I’m so glad I created her. She is beautifully designed and maturing more and more into who she is in My Son. I couldn’t be prouder.”

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