because everyone needs a friend to dig in the mud with

One of my grace friends sent me these words not too long ago.

When I was a child I was fascinated at the idea of finding gold or buried treasure and dug for it in my back yard.  

Now I am finding [grace] treasure and nuggets often, as you are!  

Oh the muddy mess the process has been at times. Oh so worth it, though.

So here we are finding treasure, and let me tell you, it really helps to have a grace friend to dig around with.

I couldn’t agree more! It’s so much more fun to dig for treasure with a friend beside you.  So, dear friends, here’s my wish for you on this Monday of Thanksgiving week.

May you enjoy at least one friend who digs around in the mud and muck of life with you, finding buried treasures of grace.

May neither of you fear getting your hands dirty.

May you splash in a few puddles and giggle over a few mud pies along the way.

And may the treasures you unearth be magnificent beyond your wildest dreams.

Grace is, after all.

Janna, Treasure Hunter

P.S. What grace treasure have you unearthed lately?

Photo credit: puppies, hands