Of all the seasons of the year, Christmas is the most grace focused. Yay!

But it’s easy to get bogged down in all of the running around, decorating, baking, card writing, and gift buying during the holidays.

Why not spread a little more grace this Christmas season?

It can be a fun way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts, instead of adding pressure to an already-bulging schedule. hearts,insteado

So instead of partridges, leaping lords, and a handful of gold rings, here are:12 days christmas grace - gracethread

What better way to share the beautiful, awe-inspiring grace gift we have received than by giving some away?!

How to Participate

The purpose of 12 Days of Christmas Grace is to spread a little grace intentionally each day so that it overflows into the lives of others. No dreary have-to’s here. No hard, duty-driven service. Just easy, authentic kindness mixed with a little fun and a dash of gratitude thrown in!

Here’s the plan:

  1. Pick a day to begin your 12 Days of Christmas Grace.
  2. Print your copy of the free, handy-dandy printable.
  3. Start spreading grace wherever you go!

Oh, and don’t forget to share your best grace stories because grace shared is TWICE the fun! (You can post your photos with mine on Facebook or Instagram @jannamwright using #12DaysCmasGrace.)

Free Printable

12-days-printable2Download the free printable by clicking the image above or the link right here.

How to Begin


Truly, the sky’s the limit with grace giving, so here are a few, fun ideas to prime your grace pump. Bet they help you think of at least a dozen more too! Have fun, and make this grace giving your own.

  1. THANKSend a handwritten thank you note out of the blue; Give a heartfelt thank you to anyone who serves you today (restaurant, store clerk); Give a small thank you gift to someone often overlooked (bank teller, manager at your favorite store, etc)
  2. GIVE: Donate clothing or gently used items to your favorite charity; Give someone a giant hug for no reason; Leave a book in a café for someone to find; Buy coffee for the person after you in line
  3. PREFER: Let someone cut ahead of you in line; Do a favor without expecting anything in return; Let another car merge into the lane ahead of you
  4. SPEAK: Compliment a stranger; Text a friend & tell her you’re thinking of her; Tell a family member what he/she means to you; Give someone an unexpected compliment
  5. FEED: Bake cookies & deliver them to neighbors, coworkers, your pastors, or an assisted living home; Serve your family breakfast in bed; Invite someone over for dinner
  6. LOVE: Tell someone the 3 things you appreciate most about who they are; Call a friend & tell her what made you choose her as a friend; Hide an I-love-you-because note for a parent, sibling, or kiddo to find
  7. APPRECIATE: Do something extra special for someone who’s underappreciated like the trashman, mailman, librarian, local firemen, or policemen; Send someone a list of the top 10 things you appreciate about them
  8. ENCOURAGE: Leave small notes with Bible verses or inspirational quotes for strangers to find; Write someone an encouraging poem; Call a church friend and pray with her
  9. NOTICE: Send a letter or care package to a military service member; Stop by an assisted living home and visit someone who doesn’t have family; Thank a custodian; Smile warmly at and greet 5 strangers
  10. SERVE: Return a shopping cart all the way to the store; Volunteer at a soup kitchen; Offer to babysit for an hour for free; Ask someone how they are and truly listen
  11. HONOR: Send a handwritten note to a parent, pastor, or mentor; Tell someone how they’ve impacted your life; Acknowledge someone in front of others
  12. GO INCOGNITO: Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru; Leave random small gifts to brighten someone’s day (like $5 for snacks in the Redbox case you return, a Starbucks gift card left on a table, some $1 bills hidden in the toy section of the dollar store); Put coins in a parking meter that’s about to run out; Pay for a stranger’s meal or dry cleaning just because

{Psst…if you’d like to download a copy of this tip sheet, press the button.}

Print the Tips & Ideas

Share the Love {and Grace}

I’m so excited to share little bits of grace with people this Christmastime! And I’ll be posting my 12 Days of Christmas Grace journey with stories on Facebook (@jannamwright) using #12DaysCmasGrace. Won’t you join me?! Don’t forget that grace shared is TWICE ENJOYED!

Let’s start a grace movement in 2016 with 12 Days of Christmas Grace!