A giant surprised me the other morning.

He crept into the bedroom and loomed above me, breathing his stinky, rotten breath in my face when I woke up.

His name? DOUBT.

This nasty guy whispered all kinds of evil and untruth to me. Things like…

  • You DON’T HAVE ENOUGH time and energy to get everything ready for your event in two weeks…
  • Your house is a wreck. You really should have time to keep it pristine AND grow your business…
  • You‘re ALL ALONE. No one will help you…
  • That spark in your heart that God keeps fanning into flame will NEVER come true. You don’t know enough people or have enough resources much less the wisdom to plan a huge event like the one you dream of…

Yeah, pretty rotten thoughts straight from the father of lies who loves taunting God’s children with, “But is God truly good to you?

I felt the full weight of Doubt settle on my chest. He badgered me while I cleaned the kitchen. He taunted me while I got my husband out the door for work. I struggled to think of other things. But the fear-riddled story remained.

Now what?

As soon as the door closed behind Dave I sat on the bed, wondering how to face my day. (An unusual occurrence for a high-achieving, self-starter, lemme tell you.)

As I sat, I talked to Poppa. It was one of those times where I could barely form the thoughts into a coherent sentence. Ever breathe that kind of prayer?

But I know He heard. He sent me something to prove it.

Before I stood up, my phone dinged . . . one . . . two . . . three . . . four . . .  five times. In a row.

Within moments I had five texts from four women who care. Four women who had no clue what kind of morning I was having but who became part of a mini encouragement-fest.

As I read the simple, perfectly-timed words God reminded me, “You are not alone. I am with you always, and I’ve brought other women into your life to surround you with My love. Right now.”

My heart lifted, and the new story began to emerge in my mind. A story of feeling loved and chosen. Of having God with me this very moment. A story that easily drowned out the giant’s nasty mutterings.

As I pondered God’s better story, a song came on the radio. It wasn’t a song I’d heard before, but it instantly became a new favorite.


What’s in your hand?

So, how about you?

  • Are you plagued by a taunting giant today?
  • Do the stones in your palm seem laughably small?
  • Could you use a giant-silencing boulder or two?

Whatever giant taunts you today, I’m sure he’s a foul-breathed, mean, relentless one. And I’m positive he’s determined to crush your spirit and keep you from the grace-full life God intends. That’s the only way giants behave, after all.

But you know what else I know?

Our God is in the giant-slaying business. I bet if you look down you’ll discover the tiny stone in your hand has that giant’s name etched on it. And that horrible guy doesn’t stand a chance when you hurl the pebble with God power behind it.

And if you’re enjoying a giant-free day, may you relish it! And may you look around with eyes wide open to truly see those around you. Whose name is God whispering for you to encourage? Who needs a kind text, an encouraging verse, or a little extra grace from you today? You never know how perfectly-timed those out-of-the-blue grace moments can be or how God might use you to lift an aching heart.

So go ahead and wield that slingshot. Heft a few rocks. Make use of some grace power. It’s time you and I brandished our giant-slaying pebbles to create lifegiving stories. And it’s time we reminded ourselves — and each other — of the truth of who God says we are.

We are victorious overcomers today because the One within us is greater than any giant facing us. (I John 4:4)


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