what if your biggest weakness houses your greatest strength?

One of my favorite lines from the detective show, Monk, is when Monk admits,

“It’s a blessing and a curse.”

See, Mr Monk is a man who refuses to shake hands for fear of germs, touches light poles consecutively (backtracking for any missed ones), and wears an identical shirt/pant/sport coat ensemble every single day.

He’s also an absolute GENIUS at solving crimes. When he enters a murder scene he inevitably finds the smallest overlooked detail or some random object that’s missing or moved – and ultimately unlocks the who-dunnit!

Sure, we shake our heads at his compulsiveness, but that same attention to detail makes us shake our heads in wonder when he solves the unsolvable!

I think when Monk says, “It’s a blessing and a curse” he wisely sums up what most of us can’t realize about ourselves:

Our biggest glaring weakness often houses our GREATEST STRENGTH!


Our Weaknesses . . .

If this line were here for you to fill in what you feel your biggest weakness is right now, what would you write?


Today, I’d write emotionalism. (Is that even a word? . . . Just looked it up and Webster says it means “a tendency to regard things emotionally; undue diligence in or display of emotion.” Yup, pretty much on the money.) I’ve always had Anne-of-Green-Gables tendencies — either overcome with joy or in the depths of despair.

In trying to make a decision this morning, Dave lovingly told me to set the emotion aside and think with my True Self. Such wise words (and much needed in that particular moment)!  As I was processing later, I realized I’m often annoyed by the emotion I feel so deeply, and I hate it when it seems my emotions are running the show.

. . . Are Strengths

Then God brought to mind the storytelling book I’m devouring lately that’s teaching me the two keys of sharing a good story are authenticity and communicating emotion. God reminded me that story is important to who He created me to be and what He created me to do and that He didn’t make a mistake when He gave me emotionalism!

Sure, feeling things deeply might seem a glaring weakness when I let it run away with my thoughts. But it can be one of my greatest strengths – the one that turns me into an engaging grace and truth storyteller. A blessing I’d love to have!

So, what would you fill in the blank above? And how might it be your greatest blessing – something God designed you to be – and not just a curse?

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