The Right Question

The other night I had a fight with doubt.

If I were a meteorologist, I’d tell you it felt like a category 1 hurricane, with some mild flooding, and an impressive tsunami wave of emotion topping things off. The next morning the aftermath of the storm nipped at my heels, trying to pull me back down into the fears.

the struggle is real

I can say confidently . . . the struggle is real.

Maybe you are nodding with me. Yup, for reals, Janna.

But even as we say that out loud together, I have to add a thought.

The past month or two, God’s been pointing me toward something deeper — a question that keeps bubbling up. As I wrestled with shaking off the doubt that morning, this question rose to the surface of my thoughts:

Who does God want to be for you right now?

Huh. Who does He want to be for me in the middle of this doubt fest, I wondered.

So that post-storm morning I sat on my bed, journal in one hand and pen in the other and quietly asked Poppa, Who do You want to be for me today?

I sat there quietly and listened. And God? He gave me a very real, very long answer — much, much longer than I expected.

I thought maybe He’d say “Your helper” or “The One who drives your fears away.”

But He told me 24 things. Twenty-four concrete ways the God of the universe is here for Janna today, in the middle of messy, ordinary life. My favorite one? “The One who makes you laugh”

My heart settled. The waves ceased. And my eyes refocused on Him.

And even now, days later, I continue to be blown away by the new things God promises to be for me each day.

but God is more

Whatever your struggle today, whatever your storm . . . your Heavenly Poppa is more real than that storm.

In the middle of this struggle and the midst of today’s mess, when you’re buffeted by fear and doubt and seemingly impossible circumstances . . . who does God want to be right then? For you.

In all of His wisdom and grace, He stands ready to be exactly what you need in this precise moment — and more, if you will let Him.

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