the only place vulnerability thrives

How can you tell if someone’s a safe place? I mean, how can you really know if a person will tromp on your heart or hold it carefully with open hands?

To be honest I’ve never really liked the word vulnerable. It smacks of “Bare your soul, (but I’ll most likely judge you at some point and probably won’t be as honest with you as I demand you be with me).”

I know that shows a bit of my learned distrust. We could probably swap some jaw-dropping stories, you and I. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the ones who demand vulnerability the loudest are the least safe places to share? Hmm? Oh, you’re so right — “funny” isn’t the best word for it.

But, I’m beginning to realize what vulnerability needs in order to survive — a Grace Place. A safe environment where being open about who I am and where I’m at in life right now is okay.

A grace-full person I know describes environments of grace this way:

 “What if it’s less important that things get fixed
than that nothing ever has to be hidden?”

What if there were a place where we could stop hiding and admit who we truly are, right down to the middle of our hidden mess? A place where being authentic, gut-honest, and open was the norm? A place people met us right where we were and loved on us without trying to fix us? That would be a true Grace Environment – a place where vulnerability could not only survive, but thrive.

God offers us such a place with Him.  He lovingly extends the invitation to share all about ourselves withHim – right down to our worst hidden secrets – and never scoffs or reacts in horror. He loves on us and meets us right where we are.

courage & grace placeGod’s not the only safe place either. You and I can grow Grace Places with others too.

By letting God’s great love seep deep into our souls then overflow onto those around us.  By being authentic and honest ourselves. By giving more attention to knowing each other than fixing each other. By taking all of what we see – the beautiful splashes and the ugly tidbits – and accepting each other right there.

That’s where vulnerability dwells happily ever after – in the Grace Places popping up all over.

Janna, Authenticity Dweller

P.S. Do you have a Grace Place where you are truly known and loved?

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