the first time I heard Beth Moore live

A few weeks ago I attended Lifeway’s Living Proof Live in Albuquerque, NM. It was my first time seeing Beth Moore in person, and you know what? She’s just as much a dramatic truth teller as you see on all those videos. What a treat!

But what I can’t stop talking about a month later isn’t the passionate speaker or the awesome venue or the worship music. It’s the thought of just how much difference 5,500+ women can make. There were that many who gathered to hear God’s Word, and I can’t stop thinking about what the world might look like if each of those women lived out her purpose.

Albuquerque Living Proof Live 2015 from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.

What can I say? LPL was absolutely . . .

  • Beautiful — because all those women in one place, coming together to hear from God is a thing of heart-wrenching beauty.
  • Astounding – because there’s no earthly reason I should’ve been able to drive across two states in the middle of a work week with a dear friend beside me. But God knew better.
  • Heart filling – because soaking up truth in concentrated form like that can do nothing less than fill you to overflowing!

The theme God had for me the entire weekend was story. He reminded me that

He’s writing each of our stories intricately and purposefully.

That He weaves His grace thread through them — even if we don’t recognize it when we’re walking through that story. And that telling even our teariest ones brings glory to Him and hope to others.

So, I’m soaking up story right now — reading, listening, pondering, gathering.  I think there may be some more storytelling in my near future. Can’t wait!

 Janna, Story Seeker

P.S. Do you have a God story that thrills you each time you tell it?

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