why i hate new year’s resolutions

why i hate new year’s resolutions

Did you make any resolutions yet or did you decide to skip that this year? Yeah, me too. I’m skipping ‘em this year.

I’ve been there, done that, and frankly, I’m just tired of it all. It seems like resolutions are just one big guilt fest for me. I don’t exercise more or stick to a new daily schedule or go to bed earlier for more than a month or two. Then I feel bad every time I’m NOT doing what I promised myself I WOULD do.

Honestly, I don’t need that kind of guilt in my life.

So for a while I tried the goals route. “Goals” just sound better than “resolutions” to me for some reason. I tried a bunch of different ways to make goals: the 48 days plan, dreamscaping, outcome based goals, new planner styles, block schedule, strategic plans. I even made up my own version of umbrella goals once.

Each plan worked for a little while, but I found myself drifting away before long. Then more guilt would set in because I’d hear things like, “If you’re aiming at nothing, you’re sure to hit it.” Great. Now I’m gonna be a floater for the rest of my life.

My New Plan

Enough with the doing already! This year I’m trying something different. I’ve decided instead of making goals or resolutions based on all the things I want to DO, I will focus on who I want to BE.

new year 2016I don’t know why it’s never occurred to me to look at the new year this way before. I’ve concentrated on BEING in grace for several years now, but never in my yearly goals. It excites me to think about who I want to BE this year instead of all the things I need to DO.

So, like with my health. Instead of saying, “I’m resolving to exercise more” I say,

“I want to be a healthy, vibrant person who feels great.”

And when I think about who I want to BE instead, I’m happier, and it’s easier to realize that a healthy, vibrant person eats more fruits and vegetables and exercises regularly. So, BEING informs my doing (instead of guilting me).

And with relationships, instead of saying,”I need to have people over to my house more and invest in good friendships” I decided to

Be a contagiously authentic person
who attracts and cultivates fabulous friendships.

And you wanna know something crazy? It’s working. I’ve already been on four friend dates in the last three weeks. It’s not hard; it’s fun!

Who will you BE in 2016?

If you and I had coffee on January 5, 2017, what would we talk about? Who would you tell me you’d been in 2016? Would that “who” make you happy? And how can you be a little more of her right now?

I believe 2016 is a FABULOUS year! How about we purpose to BE fabulous this year too?

Here’s to a year of amazing and fabulous!
May it – and you – BE all you hope!

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