got girlfriends? how the january gg went

got girlfriends? how the january gg went

Last Wednesday’s Grace Gathering was a joy: the coffee shop, the women, and the topic. This month we gathered around the theme, Got Girlfriends? How to navigate the tricky waters of where to find ‘em, how to keep ‘em, and when to let ‘em go. Yup, it’s a mouthful, and it made for intriguing stories and discussion.

We started the evening with Lynn Beaver’s story of what she’s learned about friendship in recent years. With a job as a professional listener, she’s discovered that one of the things she desires most is personal friends who ask about her and then listen. That resonated with all of us! Haven’t we each had (or occasionally been) that friend who only talks about herself? Yeesh!

I shared a story, too, about losing a best friend, what God continues to teach me about letting go, and how He (thankfully!) never leaves us friendless.

The stories were great, but the icing on the cake was the discussion. I was intrigued by the sharing and the deep thoughts swirling around the room. What a treat to ponder big questions together:

  • Where do you find good friends?
  • What if you’re the only one investing in the relationship?
  • How do you know when it’s time to let a friendship go?

The conversation flowed as we talked about everything from toxic friendships to how to know if someone’s safe to having “the talk” with a friend. (Yeah, that last one’s not just for guy/girl romantic interests, we figured out. How crazy is that!)

friends for lifeSitting with our coffees, sharing little stories of friendship and the things we’ve wondered about it, we found that we are more alike than we knew. We women are created for community, and we crave the good kind. All of us want more friends, need to let some go, or hope to maintain the ones we have.

Oh, we didn’t stumble over any instant solutions or pat answers. But when God-loving hearts and great minds meet together in authenticity, the exploration is so much fun, and we definitely had fun exploring and saw God there too.

I walked away pondering the values we’d discussed:  honesty, vulnerability, authenticity, depth, listening, security, loyalty. And I marveled again at what can happen in a safe, grace place like the one we created together. This story a woman told me as she said goodbye kinda sums it all up.  She’d had to leave work early to make it to GG and was so tired she almost didn’t come. But she was so glad she did! “It’s not often that you go somewhere tired, and leave feeling better and more inspired than when you came. That happened tonight!”

Yay for grace environments, great discussions, and new friends!

Wanna come to the next Grace Gathering?

If you’re a woman who lives in or near Denver, you’re invited to our monthly Grace Gatherings! As of this blog post, the next one is:

WHEN: Wednesday, February 13
TOPIC: Confidence
TO EXPLORE: How do we grow some? What does true confidence look like? What’s the difference between owning it and being cocky?

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