goal-729567 PD pixabayWant to sneak away for a little while? Enjoy  a new experience? Hear from God? Soak up some new truth He has especially for you?

Mmmm, me too. Retreats I’ve been to over the years hold some of my very favorite memories and God moments. And if you’re a fun-loving woman like me who’s committed to growing, you probably LOVE retreats too. Hurray, because here at Grace Thread, we host several amazing retreats that you’re gonna love!



“Unleashed” means “to set free to pursue at will, to release from restraint, to begin something powerful.” Grace does just that for us in life. And that’s what you’ll discover at the UNLEASHED! Retreat — a grace that sets you free, that releases you from whatever’s been holding you back, and that throws the door wide open to something powerful — YOU knowing who you truly are so you can live your best, confident, faith-filled life with God!

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Life on Purpose

Every woman has a unique, God-given purpose she was specifically designed to fulfill. Not only can you bring this to the world in a way only you can, but living your purpose fills you with energy and delights your soul too! The Life on Purpose Retreat, you will discover what you were uniquely created and called to by God, so you can live a life on purpose,  with a purpose, and love every minute of it!

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Rewrite Your Destiny

It’s time to think about what you want. Not sure you can get there from here? We can help! The Rewrite Your Destiny Retreat helps you map out the life that you want so you get to live out of who you really are and what you’re called to do TODAY! God is beckoning to coauthor your life with Him, and you’re gonna L.O.V.E. the great things the two of you get to write into your story together. Living your destiny is closer than you think.

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You = Adventure Story

Each  of us lives a story every single day. After all, our lives are just a conglomeration of oh-so-many scene changes, unexpected characters, and plot twists we never saw coming. And what about THAT story — the defining story that’s altered your life more than any of the others? Where do you find the grace thread in the middle of that story, much less God? What bigger good can come from sharing that story? The Adventure Story Retreat is designed to help you uncover God in your bigger story and let Him redeem something better than you ever dreamed possible.

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After all, who doesn’t love getting away from it all, soaking in a beautiful setting,
& learning new things with other amazing women who are also eager to grow?