Day Away Kit


Find peace & rest for your soul on a personal Day Away with Jesus



When you crave a soul-refreshing break…
When the pressures weigh heavy…
When confusion clouds your thoughts…
When you need guidance for that real-life situation…
When you want to go deeper with Jesus but aren’t sure how…

It’s time for a Day Away.

A Day Away lets you escape the noise of life so God can refresh your heart. It’s a chance to hear God speak, respond to the Word, and rest your soul.

The Day Away Kit is your guide to personal soul renewal. Packed with helpful tips and instruction, the Day Away Kit helps you plan, prepare, and enjoy a private getaway with God. The easy-to-follow format takes the guesswork out of the experience, letting you avoid distraction or having to plan it all yourself. Instead, you can focus on going deeper in relationship with your Savior.

Based on a unique G.R.A.C.E. process, the Day Away Kit provides accountability and intentionality for your time away:

  1. Get ready for rest
  2. Retreat to a quiet place
  3. Approach the throne of grace
  4. Continue the conversation
  5. Enjoy the moment

The printed guide includes journal prompts, Bible study, inspiration, & step-by-step guidance, while giving you the flexibility to respond to what Jesus has for you. Also included in the kit are some items to make your time away extra special: premium teas, fine line markers, a special audio message, and more.

Your soul will be refreshed. Your heart encouraged. Your mind more at peace after a Day Away with Jesus.♥

Kit includes:

  • Spiral-bound, full-color, 26-page Day Away guide with step-by-step instructions for planning and taking a Day Away (Theme: Rest)
  • Downloadable audio teaching from Janna Wright
  • Two (2) fine line colored markers for note taking & Bible study
  • Two (2) premium Harney & Sons tea bags in delectable flavors
  • One (1) 100% pure US Grade A honey stick with no preservatives or additives
  • One (1) 5×7 color print: “”You alone restore my soul”

*Frame, mug, and other accessories in photos not included

What real women are saying…

“My Day Away was so peaceful and super helpful. I really enjoyed it!”

“For women who struggle so hard to make time for themselves . . . this is not just good for you, it’s vital to being a good mom, wife, & friend.”

“Why have I not done this more?? This is sooooo important, and I should be doing this more often.”

“If you want to be closer to the Lord — need more of God’s strength, presence, and power — and you’re having a hard time knowing how to do that . . . this Day Away, it’s necessary.”

“Your relationship with God is so important, you need to set aside a chunk of time away from normal responsibilities. It’s like going on a date—the relationship needs it! You tend to forget who He is and why you’re here—the whole point of life—when you’re just living moment to moment. A [Day Away] is do or die spiritually.”

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