cleaning out the pharisee leftovers

I have a leftover Pharisee attitude dogging me some days.

Just like my small Maltese Yorkie prances at my heels until I’m finally ready to go on our walk, this leftover attitude keeps hounding me.  Lately I’ve felt it creep in during conversations or when I’m thinking about people.

It’s a perfect, comfy fit, this Pharisee garment I wore often before God began to unfold the truth of grace. It looks something like thinking I can best cherish people who think exactly like I do. Being convinced no one can truly love me unless we see God the same way. Feeling prickly or defensive about my beliefs when someone else’s differ.

During a conversation recently with a new spiritual friend, the Holy Spirit showed me that I’m still carrying remnants of this judgment attitude with me. That I still like putting on that voluminous, black, wing-like judge’s robe which lets me feel high and mighty and RIGHT.

But where’s the grace there? Wearing that judgy garment, where’s the chance to see the truth about others and love them right where they are – just like God does with me?!


Sadly, when I’m judge and jury of those I meet, there’s little grace to be found.

So that’s the place God touched my heart today. If He’s living in and through me, there can be grace every day in every way. And oh, how I crave that grace-filled life!

I’m a little sad that old attitudes are still trying to slip into my new reality. But, instead of wallowing in guilt or becoming frozen with the fear that I’m stuck irreparably under a Pharisee mask I abhor, I’m opting for a new route – thankfulness.

Today I’m humbly grateful  

  • that Poppa loves us just as we are – but doesn’t leave us there.
  • that we’re allowed to be imperfect, but still growing.
  • that He opens our eyes to truth.
  • that His is the power living through us to give grace to others.
  • that today is a brand new day with new chances to receive and give His grace.

Janna, Grateful Grace Receiver

P.S. Where is grace bringing you thankfulness today?

Photo credit: CC by Tim Evanson

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