i have a dream

I have a dream. Not a save-the-race kind of dream but a change-the-world kind nonetheless.

I dream of sharing grace every day. Of telling people out loud (not just typed) that God loves them and grace rescues them from lonely, tired performance driven living. I dream of a life where I wake up every single morning jazzed that I get to SHARE GRACE today!

But my dream hasn’t fully come to pass yet. I long to move forward into this dream but have felt it’s just not God’s time yet.

Then in the Beth Moore Breaking Free study, I read “We just need to cooperate with God then pray toward the fulfillment of the dream.”

And the Holy Spirit leapt up within me and said, “That’s it, Janna! Pray toward the fulfillment of the dream and cooperate with God one day at a time.”

Do you have a dream? A God-sized wish in your heart that you long to live out?

Won’t you sit with me before His throne to ask for the fulfilling?

Here’s what our hearts can pray today:

Poppa, I’m asking You today to fulfill this dream You’ve placed in me. I sure couldn’t have come up with this crazy, big dream on my own! It’s Your plan, so make it happen, God. Help me to cooperate with you, to be your hands and feet today and walk whatever the next step is. Make the dream come to pass, and fill me up in the process. Fill me with grace as you fulfill my dream. I’m thanking and praising You while I wait with expectant face, hopeful heart, and joyful anticipation of all that You’re going to do. Love you!

Janna, Your Beloved Daughter

P.S. What kind of dream fills your heart, whispering for you to beg God for fulfillment?

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