How Well Do You Really Understand Grace?

Grace is such a beautiful word. It’s a concept so central to the Christian faith, a concept God has kept pure despite how society, religion, and culture have tried to misuse and misrepresent it.

But for all of its pure beauty, grace can be a vague, slippery thing to define. Many Christians don’t really understand this foundational concept.

I’ve had many interesting grace and ungrace encounters which led to studying the ways Christians often misunderstand grace. Several of these are included in my book, Grace Changes Everything. You can also view a list of the 5 biggies in this blog post, beginning with:

Christian niceness code. Many Christians think of grace as the nice things we’re expected to do for each other. Instead of telling someone what you really think, you give them grace. Instead of calling out an unfair situation, you graciously keep silent. Like my coffee shop friend, grace is reduced to a “niceness” code we’re expected live by – and sometimes use as an excuse to cover our own behavior.

But grace is so much more than pure vanilla “nice.” The Source of Grace, a God who loves us more than life itself, lavishes grace on us in a display of pure love and joy. Grace exists far beyond “nice” or “good” in the realm of boundless, lavish favor. (Eph 1:8, 2 Cor 9:8)

Skip on over to the blog post for the full coffee shop story and to see if you recognize the other ways Christians often misunderstand grace!

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