Winning the Not Enough Game

Do you remember that game your brothers tormented you with when you were little called “Why are you hitting yourself?” Growing up with five brothers, this game was a favorite around my house. Usually it went something like this: Older brother gets a gleam in his eye while younger brother eyes him warily. Older grabs younger’s arm and whacks the poor kid in the head repeatedly, taunting, “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?” Younger yells, a fight breaks out, furniture’s knocked over . . . . yeah, you remember how it goes.

The Grown-Up Version

As adults we play a grown-up version of this silly game. It’s just as annoying and painful as when we were kids. Most of the time it makes you want to scream. And it can be as hard to avoid as your big brother who’s a head taller than you. The grown-up game is called “Not Enough” (a.k.a. “Guilt Game” or “Blame Game”).

The winning the gamegrown-up version usually starts with a voice in your head that says something like, “You really messed that up” or “You know you should/shouldn’t . . .” or “Remember that awful time you . . . .” And the mp3 player of your mind locks onto the idea and loops the track so it plays over and over and over. Guilt and Shame gleefully torture you with their version of “Why are you hitting yourself?”, banging on you with your own thoughts.

Rigging the Game

So how do you stop that frustrating loop? Funny thing, but looking back to childhood days can help. When those taunting voices tell you you’re “not enough and you really messed up and you should be better and . . .,” it’s helpful to do the exact same thing any self-respecting sibling would do – tattle to Daddy!

Simply march right up to the throne room of grace and tell your Heavenly Poppa, “These guys, Guilt and Shame, are picking on me! I’m sick of them. Make them STOP!”

And He will tell you Guilt and Shame are just feeding you a story – and a false one at that. He will remind you that because of Jesus, you are His favorite, chosen one, His adored daughter, a precious gem He created to shine brilliantly.

He will tell you how very much He loves you and believes in you. And He will reassure you that with Him you can do anything!

And if you will grab onto God’s true story of you, your confidence will return with a vengeance, and Guilt and Shame will be properly, satisfyingly trounced at their own game.

Guess we can learn a thing or two from childhood. So, here’s to winning the Not Enough game and sending Guilt and Shame crying to mama!

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