how to grow some confidence in under 5 minutes

I was in a situation recently that I didn’t like at all.  My stomach was churning. My mouth was dry. I could feel my heart starting to beat faster which I knew was making my face turn red. (Hate it when that happens!) And to top it off, within 2 minutes I was supposed to get up and share authentically with a less-than-inviting audience. Uggh!

All of a sudden I remembered this TedTalk and decided, “What do I have to lose?” So I stretched both arms upward into a “V” for a little while. And, you know, my stomach calmed down, my heart decided to trot instead of gallop, and my brain shocked everybody with a, “Hey, we can do this!” Color me pleased!

In this video Amy Cuddy shares fascinating insight on how your body language not only affects how others perceive you but may also change how you see yourself. She maintains it only takes 2 minutes to grow a little confidence!

Can’t hurt to try, right?

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