for those days we just need to look up

I think the times we doubt God most are when we become myopic — incapable of seeing anything beyond the woes and terrible-horribles we’re sinking under today.  When we thrash against them, they just suck us down like quicksand till we’re suffocating and can see only gritty bits through squinted eyes.

I know this is true in my life – easily stuck in the “dire” of today. Sometimes I still flail and fight and fuss at God with flimsy arms and self-righteous thoughts until I’m convinced He cares not for me. That the way I take (of potholes and sandy pits) is foreign to Him, or at best, part of some high and lofty plan that has so little to do with me, I may as well be an incidental bug on my back. Some inconsequential bit of fallout.

monarch-butterflyBut if I’d bother to raise my eyes, stare at something farther than my own nose, I’d see Him. I could look, like Job did, and be mindful of things too wonderful for me — a God Who created all and knows all.

A God Who all on His own, out of nowhere, thought up the tiniest, intricate butterfly body; the smell of ripe pineapple; the breath-catching star display of a city-free night.

A God Who created and controls all of it without ever missing a beat.

A God Who breathed life into even me.

A God Whose ways are so far beyond what I can imagine let alone comprehend, I must stand, mouth agape forever, if I’ll but pause to see.

This same wondrous Poppa loves me, offers grace for this very moment, and assures me “no purpose of His can be thwarted.” (Job 42:2)

That’s some Poppa. One worth truly seeing . . . and trusting.

Janna, Grace Embracer

P.S. What part of God’s creation makes your mouth drop in awe?

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