Ever have those moments where you’re stumped?

You’ve been working on a problem, trying to fix a relationship, or praying for a difficult situation for a long time now. But instead of finding a solution, it feels like you’re stuck in a toy car that’s driving into the same brick wall over and over.

With each jarring impact you find yourself asking,

Why . . . [UFF!]

. . . is this . . . [ERRRG!]

so . . .  HARD? [OW!]

I’ve been facing one of those situations recently. And it bugs me.

Let’s be honest—I’d much rather things were always sunny and easy. {If I owned ducks, they’d always sit perfectly in a row, of course.}

But you and I both know that life’s not all nice and neat – even this grace life.

The last week or so I’ve found myself wondering what to do with this situation because I’m getting kinda tired of the jarring stop at the end of these recurring brick wall runs.

Have you ever felt this way?

Like the situation you face is taking far too long to resolve? Or worried that maybe that particular relationship takes too much work to be worth it? Or that perhaps this is the one problem on earth without a viable solution?

Do you ever wonder if God hears you (‘cuz He sure isn’t doing anything about this at the moment}?

Yeah, and I don’t think you and I are the only ones.


Yesterday in the middle of pounding on God’s door again with the exact same problem I’ve been whining about for weeks now, He stopped me. I was hoping He’d drop the answer in my lap in a stunning revelation. Or maybe miraculously send someone across my path that could fix everything.

Btu He didn’t do either one.

Instead He pointed out a tiny piece of His Word to me.

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us . . .

Of course, the “him” here in Ephesians 3:20 refers to God. It’s a verse I’ve read before and thought, “That’s lovely! How encouraging.”

But this time God pointed out a small word I’d never really noticed—“think.”

I don’t have much trouble knowing God is able to do faaaaaar beyond what I ask. I don’t have a hard time giving Him credit for abundance and blessings.

But, you know how we decide something will work out “this certain way?” How we create a story in our minds of the “perfect” solution for God to fix such and such? “If He’d just do it the way I think He should . . .”

That little word in Ephesians reminded me that God’s ways are faaaaaar greater even than that! Far beyond what we even think.

When God stopped me yesterday with this verse I decided, “I’ll just think up an even better scenario so I’ll be sure to get a great solution.” So I looked at the problem that’s been hounding me and imagined the shiniest, best solution I could picture.

I was just starting to smile and think “Now that would be amazing!” when my brain stuttered:

God’s not only able, but ready and willing to do something even greater than this best, beautiful scenario I just imagined!

And {kerpow!}  my mind was blown.

Which was exactly what needed to happen so my head would get out of its silly, little frazzled state and get back to where it belonged – believing in God’s greatness.


Sometimes the giants that stand in our way puff themselves up to seem invincible.

But they’re not.

These difficult situations are just opportunities for the God of all grace to show up with the kind of solution He’s expert at: the “far more abundant than we ask or think” kind.

And these times where we have to keep bumping the brick wall a little longer?

These are just times to do a few more reps with our faith, so it’s a little bit stronger tomorrow than it was today. Times to re-remember the truth about God and His immeasurable power. Times to practice our belief. Times to trust some more through the waiting.

And times to get a teensy bit excited about the “far more abundant” story that’s just around the corner.

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