Created for Community

I bet you a bag of Doritos I can tell you one of your life’s purposes without ever reading your strengthsfinder results.

Sure, I sound a little presumptuous, but it’s not a hard one. (And I really love Doritos.)

You were created for community.

How do I know? Because I was too. And so was your best friend, and your mom, and your favorite high school teacher. We are each wired to crave and enjoy deep relationship with others.

Can you take a tiny walk with me back to Genesis? God’s been looking at each thing He creates from rivers to cardinals to clown fish to pandas and declaring, “That’s good.”

Until He sees man sitting all by his little lonesome, and the God of All utters for the first time in the world, “It is not good . . .”

Wait a minute, what’s not good?

“It is not good that man should be alone.”

Here’s the crazy part that sets my mind spinning. Adam wasn’t entirely alone. He had God. Adam walked with God in fellowship and communion every single day. How could God still say Adam was alone?  Because Adam didn’t have human companionship – person-to-person community.

I’m floored when I read this and realize God Himself created you and me for community – first with Himself and then with other people.

He wired us for fellowship and wrote our stories with spots for other significant characters in them. He knew we’d have friend-shaped nooks in our souls, that we’d crave companionship, and that we’d thrive best when we live in genuine relationship with likeminded people.

It’s part of His grace, in fact, offering us the chance to know, love, and serve others while we’re known, loved, and served at the same time.

That’s where authentic community comes from – our hardwired desire, fueled by God’s grace, and lived out with the people around us.

Janna, Community Craver

P.S. Where have you experienced truest, deepest community?

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