How to Live in Light of the Resurrection

How to Live in Light of the Resurrection

It was a gorgeous day – the kind that practically begs to be enjoyed. The sun shone brilliantly and all of the leaves in the front yard waved and beckoned in the breeze. This was the kind of perfect Saturday people pray for, and I’d been hoping for this day for a long time.

Oh, I had big plans–plans I’d been making for days. Plans to conquer and create. Plans to let the clock run unheeded. Plans to be outdoors from dawn to dusk. My eager anticipation had reached the unfathomable heights that only an 8-year-old mind can concoct.

But sadly, on this oh-so-perfect day, instead of climbing trees and conquering imaginary foes, I was curled up on my favorite blanket in the hallway by the bathroom. Continue reading →

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What We Need More of in 2018

What We Need More of in 2018

Isn’t it interesting how words come to mean something?

Like “Babe,” for instance. When I was little it meant a tiny infant. When the movie came out, it meant a pig. And when I got married and heard it from my hubby’s lips, it meant me!

Somewhere along the way “grace” has gotten a reputation for being soft and fluffy and comfy – the kind of thing that makes you feel like you just snuggled so many adorable puppies.

But grace is much more than that – especially since she often travels with her companion, Truth.

What We Need More Of This Year

This year I’m wishing — and praying — for more bravery for each of us.

Bravery that helps us hold onto Grace and look Truth square in the eye. Bravery to wrestle the tough questions, the important issues, the real-life stuff.

If we’re willing, this year can be a bold, brave year: Continue reading →

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The Joy of Receiving

The Joy of Receiving

December is flying past us.

By now we’re all surrounded with
twinkle lights and gift lists,
Christmas carols and flurry,
holiday goodies and party plans.

But sometimes in the busiest seasons Poppa reaches down and whispers something special.

For me it’s the word, “receive.”

Like a soft whisper on the wind, this word follows me lately.

When I first sensed it, I thought, “That’s odd. This is the season for giving, isn’t it?”

“Receive” can seem like a selfish word — like a little child, overly excited about opening her own presents, never giving a thought to anyone else. For us responsible, committed adults, the word, “give”, is the true mantra of Christmas. Give presents. Give cheer. Give goodies. Give love. Give comfort and joy.

I mean, isn’t that what Jesus did when He came to earth — gave of Himself? Isn’t that the very thing we now celebrate ‘mid the flurry and frost? Continue reading →

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Two Ways I’m Learning to Love Life’s Ebb & Flow

Two Ways I’m Learning to Love Life’s Ebb & Flow

Ever live through a season where one thing takes all of your attention? That’s where I’ve been with Amaze Live for the past few months. Some by necessity. Some by design.

On Saturday October 21st, the very first Amaze Live conference happened here in Colorado. What was it like?

God was here. Right in the middle of it all.

You could feel Him in the worship.

You could sense Him in the dramatic poem.

You could hear Him through the Word.

And you could watch Him as women united around grace and experienced the truth of being more than enough in Christ.

I hardly have words, my heart’s so full.

The Slow Reemerge

As I’ve slowly crept out of my conference-focused hole the last couple weeks, it’s been to rest. Oh, I’ve done some laundry, called a couple people, cleaned my house, and even stared at the next few items on my business to-do list.

But more than anything I’ve felt S.L.O.W. Like I’m walking through a swamp of molasses and my feet are taking their own sweet time.

Ever faced a season like this? The kind where you’ve finished a project or a busy time and your mind, body, and spirit loudly agree, “We need rest.”

When I look at nature, I see God’s design in this–with the seasons, planting and harvest, the ocean . . . . Continue reading →

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Faith Resuscitation {help for when you are sick of the brick wall}

Faith Resuscitation {help for when you are sick of the brick wall}

Ever have those moments where you’re stumped?

You’ve been working on a problem, trying to fix a relationship, or praying for a difficult situation for a long time now. But instead of finding a solution, it feels like you’re stuck in a toy car that’s driving into the same brick wall over and over.

With each jarring impact you find yourself asking,

Why . . . [UFF!]

. . . is this . . . [ERRRG!]

so . . .  HARD? [OW!]

I’ve been facing one of those situations recently. And it bugs me.

Let’s be honest—I’d much rather things were always sunny and easy. {If I owned ducks, they’d always sit perfectly in a row, of course.}

But you and I both know that life’s not all nice and neat – even this grace life.

The last week or so I’ve found myself wondering what to do with this situation because I’m getting kinda tired of the jarring stop at the end of these recurring brick wall runs.

Have you ever felt this way?

Like the situation you face is taking far too long to resolve? Or worried that maybe that particular relationship takes too much work to be worth it? Or that perhaps this is the one problem on earth without a viable solution?

Do you ever wonder if God hears you (‘cuz He sure isn’t doing anything about this at the moment}? Continue reading →

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