Amaze Community is a monthly gathering of Jesus-loving women who believe we're "better together than apart." The women here wear a variety of hats -- business women, ministry workers, entrepreneurs, at-home leaders. We're real people, committed to living out our faith in everyday life, arms linked in support. And we're grateful to have discovered . . .

a haven where women
connect, encourage, and empower
each other in the
adventure God’s called them to!

Next Amaze Community
Wednesday, June 17, 2020
from 12:30-2:30pm
*Location given to current members only

What to expect from the Amaze Community experience...

Do you have vibrant community? The kind that supports you, inspires you, and helps you reach your goals? A place where authenticity reigns and relationships grow as you pursue your God-given adventure?

Life is busy and we women are pulled in a thousand directions. But God created us to be "better together than apart." He designed it so when we connect in community, we find ourselves inspired and empowered to face life.

It's as if God said, "Here, let's take the bits of you that are fabulous and the pieces of her that are wonderful and let them shine brighter together!” When we're in healthy, vibrant community we're capable of more. We discover joy. We gain the help we need. And we can thrive where God's called us right now.

This is what Amaze Community is all about -- a place of connection, encouragement, and empowerment. Where the fabulous bits of you are celebrated. Where you ask for -- and receive - the help you need. A place where Jesus underpins everything, grace runs rampant, perfection is left outside the door, and progress is wildly celebrated. Amaze Community is a haven where Christian women link arms, intent on helping each other live their best life for God!

How Amaze Community Works

Amaze Community meets locally once a month so Christian women can connect, be inspired, and walk back into everyday life empowered and supported. Continue Reading

Come experience the fun yourself!

The Spring 2020 season of Amaze Community is now closed to new members, but fill in your info below for updates on upcoming seasons and your free visit!

"I did have a bit of an expectation that Amaze would be like other groups I've participated in. But then to get into it . . . to see the structure and intentionality of it . . . and to grow in relationship through the process. It's been such a gift!

Lori S.
Ministry Leader