a fresh breath of grace

I’m not much of a museum buff. The rare times I go, I choose children’s hands-on museums where I can interact with the exhibits.  But this summer I had the chance to visit the travelling religious collection called Passages.

In a word? Incredible.

Over 40,000 sf of Bibles, documents, religious history, and God story. And I loved it!

I ate up the hundreds of different Bibles, drank in the dramatizations that helped me envision life “back then,” and marveled at the reminder of God showering grace on humanity for as long as we’ve been on earth.

passagesOne of my favorite exhibits was a tiny lecture hall where you sat on benches to watch a three window dramatization of Martin Luther defending salvation by grace alone. Okay, so I was born with drama in the blood, but I was enthralled and couldn’t get over how much the issues in Luther’s time still plague us today!

You know, what struck me most? How people haven’t changed that much over the centuries. That from Bible times to Martin Luther times to now, Pharisees have thrived on attempting to control the who and how of people being close to God. That the focus is on what you do instead of who you are in grace

Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised. We still fight the same enemy Luther did, and our enemy doesn’t need many new tactics because his are time-tested. Why should he bother with a new bag of tricks when the old one is magnificent?

So, my CO grace friends, if you can spare an afternoon, go. I think you’ll love Passages. Spend a couple of hours wandering the exhibits, enjoying the working Gutenberg printing press, the original Luther-signed letter, the Bible that went to the moon, the Stille Nacht replica room.

And see if you don’t breathe the grace in too, finding where it whispers through the pages or practically shouts from the rooftops. You won’t be sorry.

Janna, Grace Embracer

P.S. Passages will be in CO Springs until February, 2014 Visit their website for more info.

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